Herbert Stanley Morrison

Morrison, Herbert Stanley


Born Jan. 3, 1888, in London; died Mar. 6, 1965, in Sidcup, Kent. British political figure; made a baron in 1959.

Morrison was a leader of the Labour Party who advocated “democratic socialism.” From 1915 to 1947 he was secretary of the London branch of the Labour Party; in 1928–29 he was chairman of the Executive Committee of the National Labour Party. During 1929–31 and again in 1940–51, Morrison held various ministerial posts, including deputy prime minister (1945–51) and secretary of state for foreign affairs (March-October 1951).


Eaton, J. Marks protiv Keinsa: Otvet na “sotsializm “G. Morrisona. Moscow, 1958. (Translated from English.)