Jacques Herbrand

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Herbrand, Jacques


Born Feb. 12, 1908, in Paris; died July 27, 1931, at La Bérarde, Isère. French mathematician.

Herbrand graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris in 1925. His principal works dealt with mathematical logic and algebra. Herbrand’s interests in the former centered on predicate calculus, recursive functions, deduction theorems, and constructive logic; in the latter he made contributions to the study of fields and algebraic numbers.

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On being introduced to Ole Herbrand Kleppe from the corporate housing association BOB he told me to "think Lego", given the construction is essentially three buildings, each of five storeys, constructed on top of each other.
We had to find a material that was flexible and would adapt well to the patient's body while remaining stable and retaining its shape even after having been exposed to body fluids and warmth and after opening and closing it for several times," Katja Herbrand, area sales manager medical Europe at Freudenberg Nonwovens, reports.
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The entire set T can be called the Herbrand universe of the EP data model.
Now disabled and aged 71, he lives in Herbrand Street, London.
It uses plain Horn Clauses and its semantics is based on Least Herbrand Models.
For the herbrand mushroom filling, in a medium saute pan, heat half the butter over medium heat.
Although the semantics of logic programs that we use is not the standard (based on Herbrand models), the resulting programs may be executed by a common Prolog intepreter in a sound way.
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