Historic preservation

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Historic preservation

Encompasses a broad range of activities related to preservation and conservation of the built environment by physical and intellectual methods.

building preservation

The process of applying measures to maintain and sustain the existing materials, integrity, and form of a building, including its structure and building artifacts.
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Daryl Ng JP, Director of Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation Limited, said, 'this accolade is a great encouragement to us and we will continue our efforts in promoting heritage conservation and sustainable tourism at Tai O.
The SCN cabinet which met here on Tuesday endorses natural and built heritage conservation initiative for Peshawar, says a press release issued here.
Contract awarded for Cultural Heritage Conservation Science Center first floor Flooring Replacement
English Heritage conservation staff highlighted it as a kind of pub that used to be common all over the country but is now quite rare.
In 2009, the Cultural and Natural Heritage Conservation District Board decided to restore the remaining structure of the former masjid, but it was only later revealed that plans were to rebuild the structure altogether.
Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA) President Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al-Khalifa thanked members of the Council of Representatives for supporting the Kingdom's efforts to meet the requirements of the UNESCO, regarding heritage conservation and encourage the investment in the renovation of Bahraini's vestiges.
9 million), mainly attributable by the higher revenue generated by the provision of services in architecture, landscape architecture, town planning, interior design and heritage conservation.
Royalty from the UK and Arab countries known for their support and expertise in the field as well as leading specialists from universities will be invited to attend and discuss heritage conservation.
SITUATED in a heritage conservation area, this unusual home has lovely views of the coastline and opens straight on to a quiet seafront promenade.
Worried by commercial establishments eroding the heritage value of the historical walled city, Jaipur's planning department prepared a draft heritage conservation and preservation act in June to take prompt action against violators.
Recalling the strategic and friendly ties between the two countries, Modi sought French cooperation in the field of urban planning and heritage conservation.
The Director of UNESCO Office in Doha Dr Anna Paolini said that the World Heritage Youth Forum was aimed at raising awareness among the youth about the importance of heritage conservation and preservation and also to help the participants understand the 1972 Convention, among others.

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