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see HerculesHercules
, Heracles,
or Herakles
, most popular of all Greek heroes, famous for extraordinary strength and courage. Alcmene, wife of Amphitryon, made love to both Zeus and her husband on the same night and bore two sons, Hercules (son of Zeus) and Iphicles
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Herkules has the financial strength to acquire majority ownership positions in established companies with growth potential.
mai oosel kella kolme ajal lahkusid Luuga lahest Koporje poole Lembit, Herkules, Kalevipoeg, Kalev, Olev, Laene, Lood, Nekmangrund ja Reval.
New representation of Herkules and the two Waldrichs in the U.
Based on APGs proven reliability, flexibility and scalability, BWI has now taken the decision to establish the Watch4net solution for Performance Management within the HERKULES project.
Herkules Group is headquartered in Siegen, the same town where Maschinenfabrik H.
Privatisation and public private partnerships in Sub-Saharan Africa -Burgos Hospital project -The Herkules IT PPP Project: Is IT PPP a Hercules task that can be mastered?
Herkules III is the Largest Norwegian Private Equity Fund Ever Raised - Herkules III to Focus on Norway and the Nordic Region
One is with the Royal Mail Group, a UK government-owned public limited company providing mail, parcels and express services, and the other is with the German Defense Ministry for the Bundeswehr Herkules project, intended to upgrade the German Army's IT and communications systems.
Herkules Interim- en Projectmanagement BV, headquartered in The Netherlands, has established operations in the United States.
Germany (2): AssiDoman Herkules, Sendenhorst; AssiDoman