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Göring, Hermann


Born Jan. 12, 1893, in Rosenheim, Bavaria; died Oct. 15, 1946, in Nuremberg. One of the main war criminals of fascist Germany.

A pilot in World War I, Goring became a member of the National Socialist (fascist) Party in 1922 and leader of the SA Storm Troops. Equipped with Hitler’s political authority from 1930 and as chairman of the Reichstag (August 1932) he played an active role in the establishment of the fascist dictatorship in 1933, after which he became imperial aviation minister and head of the Prussian government. He was commander of the air force from 1935 and from 1937 the head of one of the largest German industrial concerns—the so-called Goring concern, which grew up as a result of the looting of Hitlerite-occupied countries. Göring was one of the organizers of the fascist terror in Nazi Germany and the territories occupied by it. Appointed marshal of the Reich in 1940, he was condemned to death by the Nuremberg Tribunal, but he committed suicide before the sentence could be executed.


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He told the court: "If someone had said to me this morning I would be dealing with a case involving Herman Goering, a Nazi chalice and a dog called Benji, I would have regarded it as a joke.
Collins has told friends: "I'm being treated as though I should be sitting in the dock at the Nuremburg Trials alongside my chums Herman Goering and Adolf Eichmann listening attentively into my ear piece to the hideous deeds I have supposedly committed.
They were unable to take Gela because the Herman Goering Division had assembled its tanks behind the city.
Nazi warfare had a dual character and purpose, which Herman Goering expressed with uncommon clarity: 'This is not the Second World War.
The Nazi pilots - under the orders of Herman Goering - preferred to batter Brum on nights when the sky was clear and illuminated by a full moon.
1946: Nazi air force commander Herman Goering commits suicide in custody after being charged with war crimes.
For every adult in that dark, despairing year of 1940 Adolf Hitler and his heavyweight henchman Herman Goering were frightening figures.
Herman Goering,head of the Luftwaffe,conscious that defeat was closing in,begged the Fuehrer to reconsider.
Bill O'Reilly may be a verbal terrorist but he is not a Herman Goering.
Contrary to popular rumour, Hauptmann Wilhelm Born, and not Herman Goering, succeeded von Richthofen in command of the "Flying Circus.
The London gallery's move follows controversy about Van Gogh's pounds 48 million Portrait of Dr Paul Gachet, allegedly stolen from a German museum by Herman Goering, and revelations about a Matisse and a Monet claimed by descendents of French collector Mr Paul Rosenberg.