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Egypt: see Hermopolis MagnaHermopolis Magna
, ancient city, central Egypt, on the Nile and near the modern Ashmunein. It was the chief seat for the worship of Thoth. At the modern Tunneh el Gebel, 7 mi (11 km) southwest of the site, is a Greco-Egyptian cemetery.
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05pm Shy, awkward teenager Mia Hermopolis (Anne Hathaway) lives with her artist mother Helen (Caroline Goodall) in San Francisco, where they share a cosy warehouse apartment.
The Head of the Antiquities Sector at the ministry, Youssef Khalifa, assured that the mummies and their sarcophagi will be placed in Minya's Hermopolis Museum after restoration attempts.
The Imperial Aramaic form apparently underlying the Biblical Aramaic form is 'rh (much less common than hlw), attested two times in a Hermopolis papyrus with the presentative meaning 'behold': wk't 'rh spr lh slhty bsmh (TAD A2.
The Dogon astronomy is a branch of the Pharaonic schools of Thebes, "Houses of life" or academies of Memphis, Heliopolis, Hermopolis.
Cette strategie de valorisation d'un passe sert aussi d'ingredients a un projet de creation d'une ville, celle de New Hermopolis en Egypte, lequel vise a faire revivre non un <<paradis perdu >>, mais plutot le lieu de reflexion et de diffusion de la pensee (Mervat Abdel Nasser).
This is the largest number of mummified animals, of which there are millions; there are estimates offour million for Tuna el-Gebel Hermopolis and new discoveries at Saqqara estimate eight million dog mummies (El-Aref 2013).
Said to be from Ashmounein, ancient Hermopolis, in Middle Egypt, it was formerly in the collection of Wilhelm Horn, a German banker, who bought it in Cairo in 1933.
Sadly, Antinous was drowned in the Nile when the royal party visited Hermopolis as part of the festivities devoted along the Nile to the god, Osiris.
He was a private secretary to Cardinal Gilroy and was appointed the second and, to date, last titular bishop of Hermopolis Minor and auxiliary of Sydney on 9 December 1956.
Here the author concentrates on theories involving the nine Gods of Heliopolis, the eight Gods of Hermopolis and the God of Memphis - Ptah.
As heir apparent to the European principality of Genovia, Mia Hermopolis (Anne Hathaway) is expected to take up her rightful place next to her domineering grandmother, Queen Clarisse (Julie Andrews).
The tomb of Petosiris, a high priest of Thoth at Hermopolis (modern el-Ashmunein, c.