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(Herodianus). Born circa A.D. 170, died circa A.D. 240. Roman historian of Greek descent.

Herodian’s work, History in Eight Books From the Death of Marcus, embraces the period from the death of the emperor Marcus Aurelius (A.D. 180) through the ascension to the throne of Gordianus III (238). The value of Herodian’s work lies in its account of events that are most poorly illuminated in the sources; Herodian sometimes contributes information not supplied by other authors.


Herodiani ab excessu divi Marci libri octo. Edited by K. Stavennagen. Leipzig, 1922.
In Russian translation:
Istoriia v vos’mi knigakh o Rimskoi imperii po konchine Marka Avreliia do, izbraniia mladshego Gordiana. Translated from the Greek by V. Obolenskii. Moscow, 1829.


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While Icks acknowledges throughout each section that Herodian used Dio and that the HA used Dio and Herodian, the chapter would likely have benefited from a more thorough investigation into sources and the deliberate choices made by the individual authors in shaping their images of Elagabalus.
Herodian 1,10,5: "On a fixed date in early spring each year the Romans celebrate a festival in honour of the mother of the gods.
Indexing the recurrent fascination with the Jerusalem Temple in the recent past has been a spate of three-dimensional, architectural models, most notably of the Second Temple or Herodian structure.
Jesus did indeed proclaim peace--"blessed are the peace-makers"--but unlike the imposed peace of Roman imperial rule and their Herodian retainers, the peace of Jesus came from the heart and called for openness, trust, and respect for the other.
Standing at the center of the Herodian Amphitheater, surrounded by a full orchestra that had just finished playing one of his songs, John Yanni Christopher philosophizes: "Everything great that has ever happened to humanity has begun as a single thought in someone's mind.
The last remaining Zealots under the leadership of Eleazar Ben Yair, made a heroic stand at the Herodian fortress of Masada against the Roman legions only a few years after the destruction of the Temple.
We have a rich feel for the routines and perils of daily life under Roman and Herodian rulers at war with Zealot rebels, and we come to see Yeshua of Nazareth as a Jew among Jews, a brilliant young student of the rabbis with an uncanny gift for mystical prayer.
Just as the Muslim occupants of the Haram are suspicious that the objects and places that sustain their world view are being treated cavalierly by the digs around the Herodian walls that support them, so archaeologists are anxious that renovations to the mosque and to the Dome of the Rock are not treating their objects and places with respect commensurate to the place of the artifacts within an archaeologist's world view.
Thankfully, county CPS officials--perhaps out of a desire not to be implicated in an act of Herodian cruelty--declined to pursue the case.
Paving stones from the Herodian period, unearthed earlier from beneath the surface, have been incorporated in this new surface.
From our living room we could see the hills of Moab and the volcano-shaped Mount Herodian.
1 The story of their work on the visitor centre for Stonehenge is fraught with horror, combining the turgidity of the British planning system with the Herodian wildness of the Chairman of English Heritage.