Ulster cycle

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Ulster cycle:

see Gaelic literatureGaelic literature,
literature in the native tongue of Ireland and Scotland. Since Scots Gaelic became separate from Irish Gaelic only in the 17th cent., the literature is conventionally divided into Old Irish (before 900), Middle Irish (until 1350), Late Middle or Early Modern
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In Mughal India, the Hamza stories were dramatically transformed from a heroic cycle into the fantastical/comic adventures of Amir Hamza and his companions as they encounter kings, crooks, demons, giants, sorcerers, seductresses, and fairies.
Now exhibited in the great rooms of the Rubens Galleries, this is the only heroic cycle of paintings by Rubens to be seen outside of Europe.
Heath points out that the "love part" of the cycle is absent, or different, in the heroic cycle of the warrior woman.
His departure marked the beginning of the last stage in the heroic cycle of his life: that of his "death and resurrection.