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1. A framework of metal bars or rods placed over a tomb or coffin of a noble or very important person.
2. A canopy, usually of openwork or trellis, set over a bier, or more rarely over a permanent tomb; used especially to support candles, lighted at times of ceremony.
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Herse halfheartedly adopts the role of menial laborer who still pumps our gas or attends a parking deck--jobs soon to be phased out.
herse (Passoa 1983), cuya distribucion geografica incluye Costa Rica, Honduras y Mexico (Rindge 1966; Passoa 1983).
I fished a few euros out of my pocket, loped down the myriad flights of steps and out the Herse d'Or.
Another classical source with which the poem relates is Book II of Ovid's Metamorphoses, where the Latin poet allegorically describes the "Cave of Envy" (9) Minerva visits the cave to command Envy to punish her devotee, Aglauros, who had been moved by greed to help Mercury seduce her sister Herse, another of Minerva's virginal followers.
Los pintores flamencos Hendrick van Balen y Jan Brueguel el Viejo representaron el mito de Herse con sus sirvientas esperan a Mercurio.
Two Flemish Catholics were Elsheimer's close friends: Sir Peter Paul Rubens, who bought his Judith and his Mocking of Ceres and kept them to his death, when they were acquired by Philip IV of Spain; and Paul Bril, who bought his Martyrdom of St Stephen and his Three Marys, and collaborated with him on Mercury and Herse.
Other than the nine lines, however, it is clear that this stanza has little in common with the stanza of The Faerie Queene: the seventh and ninth lines are composed of a rhyming refrain in dimeters, "O heavie herse," "O carefull verse," which changes at the poem's climax to "O happy herse," "O joyfull verse.
When he returns to collect them, they are skin and bones from overwork, and Herse, the groom he had left behind to care for them, has been chased away.
His initial attempt to buy the collection en bloc was thwarted, but he bid successfully for such masterpieces as Titian's 'Venus, Cupids and the Lute-player' and Veronese's 'Hermes, Herse and Aglauros'.
Although many MSW programs conduct integrative field seminars to help achieve the task of integration, there are few explicit models detailing how this is best accomplished (Mary & Herse, 1992; Mok, 1993; Walden & Brown, 1985; Walters, Strom-Gottfried, & Sullivan, 1998; Wilson, Birkenmaier, Banks, & Berg-Weger, 2001).
This conflation of the funeral and the book of elegies itself is not unique: Charles Cotton opens his elegy with an image of himself amongst 'the mourners that attend his Herse | With flowing eyes, and with each Tear a Verse' (p.