Theodor Herzl

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Theodor Herzl
Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl
BirthplacePest, Kingdom of Hungary
Journalist, playwright, writer, political activist
Known for Father of modern political Zionism

Herzl, Theodor

(tā`ōdôr hĕr`tsəl), 1860–1904, Hungarian Jew, founder of modern ZionismZionism,
modern political movement for reconstituting a Jewish national state in Palestine. Early Years

The rise of the Zionist movement in the late 19th cent.
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. Sent to Paris as a correspondent for the Vienna Neue Frei Presse, he reported on the Dreyfus affair. Appalled by the vicious anti-Semitism he observed, he decided that Jewish assimilation in Europe was impossible and that the only solution to the Jewish problem was the establishment of a Jewish national state. He stated his ideas in his famous pamphlet, Der Judenstaat, first published in 1896. Herzl organized the first Zionist World Congress (1897) and served as its president from its inception until his death. In 1949 his body was moved from Vienna to Jerusalem, for burial with the highest honors by the Israeli nation.


See his diaries (ed. by R. Patai, tr. 1960); biographies by A. Bein (tr. 1962), D. Stewart (1974), and N. H. Finkelstein (1987); I. Friedman and H. M. Sacher, ed., Herzl's Political Activity, 1897–1904 (1988).

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People of great prominence in 20th-century history are among the correspondents, including Albert Einstein, Franz Werfel, Theodor Hertzl, Stefan Zweig, C.
People of great prominence in 20th-century history are among the correspondents: Franz Werfel, Theodor Hertzl, Stefan Zweig, C.
Theodore Hertzl, and after him Vladimir Yabotinski, had no illusions as to how conserving and controlling water was to be achieved.
Goodman's life, like his writings, was ringed with his dual loves of Zionism and Canada; indeed, he named his son Wilfred Hertzl Goodman, after Wilfrid Laurier, the Canadian prime minister, and Theodore Hertzl.
In a letter from Goodman's son included in the book, Wilfred Hertzl Goodman recalls his father's counsel to "be not proud of your ancestors, but take every care that your children shall have no cause to be ashamed of theirs" (330).
Israeli settlement in territories densely populated by an Arab population could bring about a threatening demographic change; that is, it could endanger the Jewish majority in Israel" Peres said at a ceremony to commemorate Theodore Hertzl, who is the founder of Zionism.
Berger worked as a machine operator for the Putnam Hertzl Co.
Hertzl envisioned an Israel where "The rabbis didn't get involved in politics, the Arabs had full rights, the cities all had rapid transit, the workers had social benefits undreamed of in Europe, the choice of theater and opera rivaled .
Envisioned by Theodor Hertzl, and subsequently codified throughout Israeli law, Israel's mission is twofold: first, to protect the Jewish people and provide the Jewish people with a homeland, and second, to be accepted by the international community.
Finally, Nancy Rosenchan's essay connects Israeli author Amos Oz's 1987 novel, The Black Box, with the political and mythic undercurrents of modern Zionism, as delineated by the late-nineteenth-century political essayist and dramatist Theodor Hertzl.