desert lily

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desert lily,

common name for the species Hesperocallis undulata, a member of the family Liliaceae (lilylily,
common name for the Liliaceae, a plant family numbering several thousand species of as many as 300 genera, widely distributed over the earth and particularly abundant in warm temperate and tropical regions.
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 family), found in the SW United States.
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The cDNA sequence obtained from the 18S primer set was 99% similar to the 18s ribosomal RNA from 50 plant species, including Ixiolirion tataricum, Gladiolus illyricus, Hesperocallis undulata, Triplostegia glandulifera and Polyosma sp.
Molecular data confirm the phylogenetic placement of the enigmatic Hesperocallis (Hesperocallidaceae) with Agave.
Perennial storage organs may include tunicate bulbs (such as those of Hesperocallis undulata, Liliaceae), corms (many members of the iris family, Iridaceae, including the genera Crocus and Gladiolus), rhizomes (such as marram grass Ammophila arenaria) and tubers (such as Pyrenacantha malvifolia, Icacinaceae).