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peckii, and C pensylvanica (section Acrocystis); 5) C heteroneura and C media (section Racemosae); and 6) C boottiana, C.
They consider that the presence of ribbed sensilla styloconica is a groundplan autapomorphy of non-nepticuloid Heteroneura.
EF418802; EU055917, Penneys, 1313): Clidemia heptamera Wurdack (EF418803): Clidemia heteroneura (Schrank & Mart.
Interspecific hybrids of Drosophila heteroneura and D.
Natural hybridization between the sympatric Hawaiian species Drosophila silvestris and Drosophila heteroneura.
heteroneura is consistent with morphological evidence supporting a split between eastern and western populations of D.