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the most ancient pictorial symbols of Egyptian writing, used from the end of the fourth millennium B.C. (as distinct from the hieratic and demotic scripts). About 5,000 different Egyptian hieroglyphs are known, although no more than 700–800 were used in each era. Four types of Egyptian hieroglyphs are distinguished: (1) single-consonant signs (approximately 30), which represented the consonants of the Egyptian language; (2) two-consonant and three-consonant signs for the phonetic representation of morphemes; (3) ideograms for the representation of entire words; and (4) determinatives, un-pronounced auxiliary ideographic symbols indicating word meanings more precisely.

The term “hieroglyph” is also used with respect to the symbols of other writing systems. Thus, the characters of ancient (2000 B.C. ) and modern Chinese writing and the symbols of the noncuneiform pictorial variety of Hittite writing (2000–1000 B.C.) are usually called hieroglyphs.


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in geology, randomly curved ridges, furrows, and other forms of imprints on the bedding surfaces of some rocks, usually fine-grained ones (for example, in flysch). They are often molds with the irregularities of the surface of that layer on which the next younger bed was deposited (negative hieroglyphs). Such hieroglyphs may occur through filling up small depressions (furrows) formed by streams (sinter hieroglyphs) or when water currents drag various objects along the bottom.

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But it was a French scholar who, in 1822, made the intuitive leap that both the Demotic (an ancient Egyptian legal language) and the hieroglyphs (familiar from the walls of temples and pyramids, but not hitherto deciphered) used the same phonetic basis for writing language.
The scripts are early demotic and what has been termed abnormal hieratic, a shorthand form of the cursive hieratic derived from hieroglyphs, which are illustrated in the book.
Two letters from Champollion held in the archives of the Natural History Society of Northumbria in the Great North Museum show that the region provided Egyptian inscriptions to Champollion which were vital to his developing understanding of hieroglyphs .
If, as a child, you learned to write out your name in hieroglyphs, you learned only a few of the hundreds of hieroglyphs available to the ancient Egyptians.
The council will discuss the matter with Abdel Halim Nour Al-Din, hieroglyphs professor at Cairo University, who was referenced by Abdul Aziz when he chose Aug.
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