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Determinacion estructural de compuestos fenolicos del extracto hidroalcoholico de Geranium ruizii Hieron.
Roger Hieron was a schoolmaster who was convinced by the martyrologist John Foxe to leave teaching and become a clergyman.
Nos centraremos en dos puntos como son la presencia romana en la Peninsula Iberica durante la Segunda Guerra Punica, especialmente para el caso de los ilergetes, y la relacion entre Hieron y Roma.
multiplication of HIV virus Cakar Ayam Selaginella Extract inhibits the growth doederleiniin of L16 cells isolated from Hieron human liver cancer Gadung Cina Smilax china L.
The topics include Apollo arrives at Samothrace, the Hall of Choral Dancers and its frieze, a new ceiling for the hieron in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothrace, the victory of Samothrace and the aftermath of the Battle of Pydna, an inscription on Roman Samothrace, the conservation program in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, and Homer in Florina.
The aptly-named stallion Pherenikos (Victory-bearer) raced and won for Hieron, tyrant of Gela (485 BC) and Syracuse (485-467/6 BC).
Originally this hillside was settled by the Greeks and known as Hieron, 'sacred place', for at the Temple of Zeus sacrifices were made for safe passage through the straits.
First was the altar of Hieron II, a huge sacrificial site dedicated to Zeus where 400 bulls might be put to death at one time.
Hellwig Baccharis decussata CO, EC, PE, "almanga", "armanga", (Klatt) Hieron.
Prior makes us listen to many new and unfamiliar voices, such as those of Thomas Bell, William Bradshaw, Samuel Hieron, William Covell, John Gordon--though it would be helpful to have more information about the background of these men, their education and affiliations--and we come to realise that many of the debates that destabilised the Church in the reign of King Charles had been running for decades.