Higgins project

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Higgins project

An open source implementation of the identity metasystem conceived by Microsoft and embodied in Microsoft's CardSpace. Unlike CardSpace, which is Windows only, Higgins supports other operating systems. For example, the Higgins implementation from Parity Communications, Inc. (www.pariity.com) is a Firefox plug-in that runs on all major platforms. Novell's Bandit (www.bandit-project.org) provides client and server versions written in C++ for Mac and Linux.

Enhanced Information Cards
Higgins provides enhanced personal and managed cards (see identity metasystem for details). Information cards created in CardSpace can be used in Higgins, but the "z-cards" and "r-cards" created in Higgins are not currently supported in CardSpace. Both systems are in their embryonic stages, and changes in compatibility are expected as this high-level identity architecture catches on.

Higgins Z-Cards
The z-card adds functionality to the managed card (m-card). It offers more privacy by caching the security token locally, and it supports subsets of claims. For example, "age greater than 21" can be delivered rather than date of birth. It also supports "zero-knowledge proofs," a cryptographic method that uses multiple iterations to prove authenticity.

Higgins R-Cards (Relationship Cards)
An r-card is an enhanced version of managed cards (m-cards) and personal cards (p-cards). It sets up a data synchronization relationship between the user and the relying party. A change at either side updates the other. For more information, visit www.eclipse.org/higgins. See identity metasystem and Windows CardSpace.
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The Eclipse Higgins project, a coalition of organizations and individuals, has been working to address these issues.
0, Shibboleth, Higgins Project, and WS-* communities designed to define the identity spectrum and drive harmonization and interoperability across identity specifications and protocols.
The campaign Web site is built completely on an openSUSE(R) platform and uses open source identity components from the Eclipse Higgins Project and Pamela Project.
0, WS* and OpenID specifications and collaboration with other industry identity initiatives such as the Concordia Project, Project Bandit and the Eclipse Higgins project.
Based on working code from the Bandit Project and interoperable with components from the Eclipse Higgins Project, the DigitalMe(R) information card selector is functionally equivalent to Microsoft* Windows CardSpace* and runs on Linux* and Macintosh* platforms.
Paul Trevithick and Mary Ruddy Co-Leads, Eclipse Higgins Project Eclipse Foundation
Many groups have been working towards the goals of Internet identity interoperability," said Paul Trevithick, technology lead for the Higgins project.
In addition to working with SAML, the Liberty Alliance and the WS* set of specifications, CA is working with open source identity management projects including joining the Steering Committee for Open Source Identity System (OSIS) and participation in the Eclipse Higgins project.
Paul Trevithick, technology lead for the Higgins project at the Eclipse Foundation, said, "We are very pleased that Novell is promoting the adoption of open source identity technologies and that the Bandit project is contributing to and leveraging Higgins.
As of December 31, 1998, all 3-D seismic acquisition efforts have been completed with the exception of the Ganado and Higgins project areas which are expected to be completed in the Spring of 1999.
Electus, DBG, Funny or Die, a John Michael Higgins Project from Revision3, "Unleashed" created by Amy Harris (Sex and the City) and a preview of the second season of the award winning "Tilt-A-World" from Al Thompson and Val Dean Entertainment.
lt;p>The pair said the work would hinge on the WS-Federation Web services protocol, Microsoft's Infocard/CardSpace technology, the Higgins project and Novell's Bandit project.