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although physical quark masses are notoriously hard to define [8]) and pretending as if we knew nothing of the electroweak theory (in order not to get entangled with the Higgs mechanism again), using the old Fermi theory for weak interactions (or quantum flavordynamics, QFD) as appropriate for the low energies where observations of physical masses are actually made, using the physical coupling derived from typical scattering cross sections or decay rates ([[tau].
It could be capable to generate masses spontaneously in a different and novel way compared to the Higgs mechanism.
We have this target scale, the weak energy scale that the LHC is exploring--that is to say, the scale at which we know particles are somehow acquiring mass associated with the Higgs mechanism.
If the LHC finds a Kaluza-Klein particle, what does that mean for the Higgs mechanism and string theory?
Retired Professor Peter Higgs, 83, who was born in Newcastle's Elswick, hit on the concept of the Higgs mechanism in 1964 while walking in the Cairngorms.
Unfortunately Higgs particle has never been found; therefore recently some physicists feel they ought to introduce more speculative theories in order to save their Higgs mechanism [9];
Is it possible to explain the origin of electroweak symmetry breaking without the Higgs mechanism or Higgs particles?
But the Higgs mechanism is a black box," Hill remarks.
Dave, Durham In particle physics, the Higgs mechanism is the maths process that describes how mass is given to particles.
Thus, a close scrutiny of B-meson physics could help validate important parts of the standard model and provide useful hints about the Higgs mechanism, which determines the mass of elementary
If the Higgs mechanism exists, then a family of particles, presumably very heavy particles, called the Higgs particles, exists.
Mass is perhaps the fundamental quality of material, and so in a sense the Higgs mechanism tells how material particles become material.