High Church

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High Church:

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the established church of England and the mother church of the Anglican Communion. Organization and Doctrine

The clergy of the church are of three ancient orders: deacons, priests, and bishops.
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High Church

the party or movement within the Church of England stressing continuity with Catholic Christendom, the authority of bishops, and the importance of sacraments, rituals, and ceremonies
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With respect to the Dissenters, the Latitudinarians and the High Church party did agree on one essential point: the Dissenters were guilty of an unjust separation from the "more perfect and regular" Church of England.
It is for this reason that the High Church party opposed the comprehension.
33) And finally, in an obvious allusion to the previous controversies between the High Church party and the Latitudinarians, the author of A Letter maintained that those who promoted the bill were "Gentlemen of the fairest Characters," whereas those opposed, he implied, "make open profession of Deism, and Socinianism" and "use their Profane Wit to Ridicule the Venerable Mysteries of Religion.
But this is not surprising, given how roundly Burnet had been condemned by the High Church party in the convocation of 1701 for "ushering a platform laid for Comprehension" in his Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles.
The ones with the secret agenda were not the Latitudinarians but the High Church party, who had introduced the occasional conformity bill in order to advance their own Gallican scheme.