High Church

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High Church:

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the established church of England and the mother church of the Anglican Communion. Organization and Doctrine

The clergy of the church are of three ancient orders: deacons, priests, and bishops.
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High Church

the party or movement within the Church of England stressing continuity with Catholic Christendom, the authority of bishops, and the importance of sacraments, rituals, and ceremonies
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The High Churchman Samuel Grascome, for instance, pointed to the example of Henry III of France "who desisting from Persecution, brought the Hugonots [sic] by Crowds into the Church of Rome, only by excluding them from Office and Employments.
In the introduction he writes, "Gardiner was an Episcopal layman, a high churchman, and in his day an acknowledged international church leader.
Balsall Heath priest Fr John Herve, an Anglican high churchman, added: 'Oscar Wilde said the worse thing than being talked about was not being talked about, and I think that's quite true.
Trollope himself was an old fashioned High Churchman and clergymen who held views similar to his own, such as Barchester's Archdeacon Grantly, denounce attempts to stop Sabbath deliveries as the work of 'numskulls'.
During Palmerston's first ministry, four of the six appointees were clearly evangelicals, one a moderate High Churchman, and one a mild Broad Churchman.