High Performance Fortran

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High Performance Fortran

(HPF) A data parallel language extension to Fortran 90 which provides a portable programming interface for a wide variety of target platforms. The original HPF language specification was produced by the High Performance Fortran Forum, a broad consortium of industry and academia, which met regularly throughout 1992 and early 1993. HPF compilers are now available on most commonly-used computing systems, and users are beginning to gain first hand experience with this language. The Forum has continued to meet in order to address advanced topics.

HPF+ at Vienna.

["High Performance Fortran: Status Report", G.L. Steele Jr <gls@think.com>, SIGPLAN Notices 28(1):1-4 (Jan 1993)].
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The high performance FORTRAN will, for example, include features that automatically identify parallel operations in application programs, and that optimize these operations for execution by the parallel computer hardware.
PGI) today announced the two companies have signed an agreement whereby HP will offer PGI's High Performance Fortran (HPF) compiler on HP Exemplar servers and Series 9000 workstations.
This includes a Thinking Machines compiler for the new industry-standard High Performance Fortran language.
The goal of this alliance is to accelerate the porting and tuning of key commercial applications to High Performance Fortran (HPF), the rapidly emerging standard for parallel programming on shared- and distributed-memory systems.
announced today that SofTech will license Fortran 90 and High Performance Fortran compiler language technology from Digital in order to enhance its own product line currently under development.

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