High Water

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high water

[′hī ¦wȯd·ər]

High Water


the relatively prolonged and significant rise in the water level of a river; it occurs each year at the same season. High water is usually associated with the overflowing of the channel and flooding of the floodplain. It is caused by prolonged, intensified influx of water from the spring melting of snow on plains, the summer thawing of snow and glaciers in mountains, or heavy seasonal rains (for example, related to summer monsoons). High water caused by the spring thaw is typical for rivers that flow through plains. They include rivers in which spring runoff is predominant (for example, the Volga and Ural) and rivers in which summer runoff is greater (for example, the Anadyr’, Yukon, and Mackenzie). High water caused by summer thawing of mountain snow and ice is typical of the rivers of Middle Asia, the Caucasus, and the Alps. High water caused by summer monsoonal rains characterizes the rivers of Southeast Asia (for example, the Yangtze and Mekong).

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In high water, you can approach a spot by moving upstream or down, either pushing against the current or slipping along and fighting current with the trolling motor.
Season One of Hell or High Water will consist of ten 22-minute episodes (running time not including ad spots) and will be premiere on KoldCast TV in the spring of 2013.
At the Chacorore Lake sampling site (P1), a total of 1,279 fish were captured, 39 in the period of high water, 812 in the receding water, 428 in the low water period, belonging to 45 species.
The advantage of this multi-axial type of structure is that the yarn systems can be tailored to either meet the demands of a 'fine' sheet side pressing surface or provide the void space necessary for high water removal," said Riffle.
Using an optimized surfactant significantly reduces freeze-stable density and minimum fill density while improving K-factor in "next-generation" HFC-245fa systems, including ones with low and high water contents or co-blown with HFC-134a.
This high water stopped barge movement for two days and forced the rescheduling of a helicopter-loading mission in Lampertheim to the following week.
It has supplied the Elite Thermostatic Dual Control Shower Mixer with Fresh Multi Mode Fixed Shower Head shower for both the ensuite and main bathrooms, suitable for low and high water pressure.
On the other hand, there is the lighthearted ragtime of the vintage country Floater (Too Much To Ask) and the country blues of High Water (For Charley Patton).
One-third of the world population lives in countries experiencing moderate to high water stress.
11) The boundary of navigable freshwater lakes and rivers is the ordinary high water line.
There is water at the bottom of the pipe making it, in effect, a shallow well sunk into what is a very high water table.