high school

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high school

1. Brit another term for grammar school
2. US and NZ a secondary school from grade 7 to grade 12
3. Canadian a secondary school, the grades covered depending on the province

high school, secondary school

In the US, a school which provides education beyond elementary school, usually from grade 9 to grade 12 but occasionally including grades 7 and 8.
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2] measures the extent to which wage growth over time among recent college graduates exceeded wage growth over time among high school graduates, independent of wage growth due to experience.
5% of college graduates were without health insurance as compared to 21% of high school graduates.
Last year, Cal Grants were only available for approximately 17 percent of the State's high school graduates.
has prepared a report, ``Breaking the Social Contract,'' stating that high school graduates of 2015 will have a purchasing power 40 percent less than their high school graduate grandparent of 1976.
Van Nuys High School graduate Joanne Chang will study astrophysics or political science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
The chart shows employment-population ratios and unemployment rates in October 2014 for three groups: recent high school dropouts, recent high school graduates not enrolled in college, and recent high school graduates enrolled in college.
This profile provides brief indicators for Idaho related to: current levels of educational attainment, projections of high school graduates into the future, and two common barriers to student access and success--insufficient academic preparation and inadequate finances.
Most people know that when it comes to employment, opportunities are better for high school graduates than for high school dropouts.
Antelope Valley valedictorians make up more than one-quarter of the high school graduates awarded full scholarships this year to attend California State University, Long Beach, through the campus' President's Scholars Program.
High school graduates in college has increased from 55 percent in 1984 to 64 percent in 2003.
4); among adolescents whose mothers were college graduates than among those whose mothers were high school graduates (0.

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