high school

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high school

1. Brit another term for grammar school
2. US and NZ a secondary school from grade 7 to grade 12
3. Canadian a secondary school, the grades covered depending on the province

high school, secondary school

In the US, a school which provides education beyond elementary school, usually from grade 9 to grade 12 but occasionally including grades 7 and 8.
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Casey Martin (1972- ) - 1990 South Eugene High School graduate and former pro golfer who now coaches UO men's golf team; successfully sued PGA Tour in 2001 for right to use golf cart in competition.
To learn how to enter The Art Institutes Best Teen Chef Competition for high school seniors and The Art Institutes Culinary Scholarship Competition for high school graduates and to view the competition rules, visit www.
with scholarship recipient Jelisa Roberts, a Palmdale High School graduate who plans to attend University of California, San Diego.
Some 40 percent of community college graduates earned between $20,000 and $39,999, compared to 46 percent of high school graduates.
Ian Stewart, a 2001 Quartz Hill High School graduate whose father is executive director of a Christian camp and conference center in Lake Hughes, died in a December 2004 gunbattle.
3% while high school graduates were unemployed at a rate of 4.
Within each occupation, as within occupational groups, workers with some college usually earned more than their high school graduate counterparts but less than those with an associate or a bachelor's degree.
1 -- color) A Birmingham High School graduate searches the stands for loved ones Thursday evening.
But after some timely intervention, the recent high school graduate has a career path: law enforcement.
PALMDALE -- Palmdale High School graduate Mark Habib was among 11 Los Angeles County students who received scholarships from the Kaiser Permanente Watts Counseling & Learning Center.
Also, four-year public schools such as the University of Maine and the University of Hawaii maintained stable overall enrollment levels despite their location in states with negative high school graduate trends.

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