high school

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high school

1. Brit another term for grammar school
2. US and NZ a secondary school from grade 7 to grade 12
3. Canadian a secondary school, the grades covered depending on the province

high school, secondary school

In the US, a school which provides education beyond elementary school, usually from grade 9 to grade 12 but occasionally including grades 7 and 8.
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Transfers will be allowed for Castaic-area students at schools that have capacity -- including Hart and Golden Valley high schools.
For those of us who traffic in policy fixes for a living, it is worth asking: What do today's high schools look like from the inside?
In recent years, there's been a movement among school reformers who argue that size is the enemy of excellence in America's high schools and breaking up super-sized schools into smaller units is the key to improving them.
Ask a Grade 9 student what his or her goals are upon completing high school and a large majority will say to pursue college or university, but the reality is only about 50 per cent of students will actually continue with post-secondary education upon completing high school.
A recent study in eight diverse urban and suburban high schools found that even if students have poor achievement, school counselors do not dissuade them from attending college, nor do they warn students if they have poor chances of college success (Krei & Rosenbaum, 2001; Rosenbaum, Miller, & Krei, 1997).
The good news is that there are models of alternative high schools and dual-enrollment colleges that are paving the way for change to occur.
Many criminal justice agencies are evaluating their approaches to community education and early recruitment from local high schools.
With only 10-20% of our high schools employing athletic trainers (Powell, 1987), most injuries are being managed by the coaching staffs, especially during practice.
Vinovskis, The Origins of Public High Schools: A Reexamination of the Beverly High School Controversy (Madison, 1985); Michael B.
But the designers are not your typical high school students.
has expanded the use of Scientific Learning Corporation's (NASDAQ: SCIL) Fast ForWord[R] neuroscience-based reading intervention to nine high schools following a one-year research project in one high school program that demonstrated encouraging results in reading achievement for English Language Learners and special-education reading students.
The plan would also allow open enrollment, meaning parents could enroll their kids in any of the district's high schools if they wanted.

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