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What does it mean when you dream about valuables?

Finding something of value may represent discovering one’s own value and self-regard. The dreamer may need to reevaluate his or her worth in the world.

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com/), is now offering their customers the ability to "Name Their Price" on high-ticket items.
The receipt clearly spells out items that cannot be returned, such as special orders or high-ticket items.
Malloy said he wasn't clear on the source of the difference, nor did he feel it was a big enough difference on such a high-ticket item to take issue with it.
That's a high-ticket item," said Salli-Jo Osborn, coordinator of the Springfield drive.
NEW YORK -- While DVD players have been considered too much of a high-ticket item for most drug stores to carry, that may no longer be the case.
We pioneered the high-ticket item in the oral care aisle.
Shoes usually came first because they're a high-ticket item.
It could be dog food or detergent--a high-ticket item the consumer only buys every four to six weeks," he says.
When even the hottest products are widely available at a discount, much of the excitement of purchasing a high-ticket item is removed from the shopping experience.
It's a fresh and effective approach to the challenge of selling a high-ticket item to a highly targeted audience.
The customer for a high-ticket item like furniture not only sees the front of the computer desk, but she can walk around it and see how it looks from the side and back.
There were several high-ticket items, including a custom-made duck call from Tim Grounds and a selection of Major League Baseball memorabilia.