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What does it mean when you dream about valuables?

Finding something of value may represent discovering one’s own value and self-regard. The dreamer may need to reevaluate his or her worth in the world.

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It allows a customer the opportunity to get the best price on a high-ticket item and ultimately can lead to a higher volume of orders for retailers.
They don't want to take back a high-ticket item like a snowblower just because the customer used it once and, now that the snowstorm is over, doesn't want it anymore.
Shoppers were going to buy back-to-school supplies anyway, so the timing could not be better for most families, especially those seeking high-ticket items such as laptops and smartphones.
Shocked to learn public employees have been able to choose between fancy fountain pens and 24-cent ballpoints, county officials are eliminating thousands of high-ticket items from the official office supplies catalog.
For high-ticket items, Electric Shopping invests in videos that are fully produced--from casting to scripting--that are shot in Treepodia's studio.
Keep high-ticket items like gifts out of window view.
We offer our customers shopping options not always available at our stores," she says, pointing out such advantages as the availability of free shipping and expanded product selection in such categories as durable medical equipment, high-ticket diet and fitness products, and other high-ticket items.
Estate managers need as much legal prowess and discernment as attorneys in daily undertakings such as negotiating contracts on behalf of the estate, interfacing with architects and contractors, hiring and firing staff, and purchasing high-ticket items.
Cost-cutting continued to the be byword last week as publishers sought out agreements that would limit not only high-ticket items like the capital expenditures to buy new printing presses, but also smaller-cost things like state-capital coverage.
When people are tight on cash, they rein in high-ticket items, such as cars, he said, but they still like to splurge on treats such as jellies, mustards and chocolates.
Stories abound of retailers that place CCTV down 'hot' aisles containing high-ticket items rather than down quieter aisles where thefts are actually carried out.
The campaign centered on a sweepstakes with high-ticket items (Cadillac Escalade, Harley-Davidson motorcycle; his/her Rolex watches) to entice consumers to open checking accounts and to activate and use debit cards.

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