High-Voltage Power Line

High-Voltage Power Line


an electric transmission line with a voltage exceeding 1 kilovolt. High-voltage lines may be overhead or underground (also underwater).

Overhead high-voltage power lines are installations for transmitting and distributing electric power through wires that are located outdoors and are attached to poles by means of insulators and fixtures. The poles, which are made of wood, reinforced concrete, or metal, are spaced at distances of 50-500 m from each other, depending upon the kind of conductor and the type of pole. The distance of the conductor from the ground is at least 6-8 m.

Underground (or underwater) high-voltage power lines, which use wires inside special insulation, are utilized to distribute electric power in municipal and industrial areas, as well as when crossing extensive water obstacles.


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THOUSANDS of people opposed to plans for a high-voltage power line stepped up their campaign with a huge protest yesterday.
The aim of the campaign - which includes mailings, safety demonstrations, a video and a safety-tip collectors card - is to reduce high-voltage power line injuries and deaths.
In order to improve the reliability of parallel operation of power systems of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, construction of a 500 kV high-voltage power line from South Kazakhstan Regional Power Plant to Zhambyl is enough, the Ministry of Energy and Industry told Tazabek.
Tornados tore through nearly 15 miles of the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) s high-voltage power line from Hallam to McCool in the south central part of the state, in the middle of this month.
Researchers measured the distance from the kids' homes to the nearest high-voltage power line.
A MAN jumps to his death from a high-voltage power line after discovering he has Aids.
The California Independent System Operator (California ISO) Board of Governors yesterday approved a major high-voltage power line that will boost the ability to import power from the Southwest to heavily populated areas of southern California.
Ramsay will be responsible for management and operation of the utility's 18,600 mile, high-voltage power line system, which moves power into and throughout northern and central California.
OXNARD - A 32-year-old man was shocked by 16,000 volts of power and suffered third-degree burns to more than a third of his body Monday when a piece of metal he was carrying apparently came in contact with a high-voltage power line, officials said.
Patterson, 36, who died today after coming into contact with a high-voltage power line at the scene of a traffic crash in French Creek Township, Venango County.
About 400 customers in Nanango and areas north to Runnymede had their power supply interrupted about 2am when a tree branch fell on to a back-stay, resulting in cross-arm breaking and dislodging a high-voltage power line in Phipps Road, North Nanango.
About 1500 Ergon Energy customers supplied from the Gooburrum substation will be without power for about two hours this afternoon while crews repair a high-voltage power line that has come down in a cane field at Moorland.

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