High-Voltage Power Line

High-Voltage Power Line


an electric transmission line with a voltage exceeding 1 kilovolt. High-voltage lines may be overhead or underground (also underwater).

Overhead high-voltage power lines are installations for transmitting and distributing electric power through wires that are located outdoors and are attached to poles by means of insulators and fixtures. The poles, which are made of wood, reinforced concrete, or metal, are spaced at distances of 50-500 m from each other, depending upon the kind of conductor and the type of pole. The distance of the conductor from the ground is at least 6-8 m.

Underground (or underwater) high-voltage power lines, which use wires inside special insulation, are utilized to distribute electric power in municipal and industrial areas, as well as when crossing extensive water obstacles.


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Lithuania's Klaipeda port on the Baltic Sea is expecting assistance from the ministries of Transport and Energy in the form of financing for replacement of a high-voltage power line across the Curonian Spit with a submarine electricity cable, which is estimated at about 11 million euros.
Quneitra, SANA- The terrorist groups targeted the high-voltage power line which supplies Quneitra southern province with electricity causing a blackout in the province.
The Central Asia South Asia Electricity Transmission and Trade Project CASA-1000 includes construction of a high-voltage power line linking the power systems of the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan with Afghanistan and Pakistan to allow the Central Asian countries to export electricity and develop appropriate instruments and mechanisms for electricity trade that meet international standards.
Placing receiving devices electrostatic and electromagnetic energy converter of high-voltage power line in the field is associated with certain difficulties.
The hot air balloon carrying the man, his wife, their two daughters and a Swiss pilot was about to land in Montbovon, in western Switzerland, when it touched a high-voltage power line, dpa reported.
it hit a high-voltage power line about 100 meters high that connects Sanagi and the smaller island nearby, Kagawa prefectural police said.
A Wisconsin-based transmission company wants to build a high-voltage power line from La Crosse to Madison.
The 20-mile stretch of high-voltage power line is responsible for the electricity supplies to thousands of properties in the area.
Trainee surveyor Russell Donald died as he crossed under a high-voltage power line while carrying a metal pole.
A Los Angeles fire captain injured by a high-voltage power line was listed in stable condition Monday at Grossman Burn Center, where he will undergo surgery for his burns today.
The risk includes women who have been living within 50 metres of a high-voltage power line for several years.
EST last August 14, a high-voltage power line in Ohio overheated and sagged into a tree, shorting out the line.

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