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The new VERITAS Global Cluster Manager is a cluster management product for VERITAS Cluster Server, the company's flagship, and heterogeneous high-availability product for Unix and NT applications.
And we are the only vendor that provides a proven software framework for deploying high-availability, high-quality, converged third screen services that span multiple product segments across network infrastructure and mobile handsets.
Readies AIS-Compliant High-Availability Middleware Services
Our customers have been looking for a more affordable and flexible solution to high-availability and fault-tolerance," said Wayne Dunn, senior director of enterprise computing at AimNet Solutions.
Lakeview's MIMIX solutions enable solution providers to offer a robust high-availability solution specifically tailored for the IBM System i market," says Denny O'Connell, vice president and general manager, Avnet Partner Solutions, IBM Business Unit.
We chose to partner with Marathon because their proven approach to providing high-availability solutions met our customers' needs, and their solutions work seamlessly with our systems.
In addition, Bottomley will add specific focus on the important and often-overlooked dimension of assuring high-availability in virtual environments.
Moreover, the product contains a high-availability test suite for automating the testing of JMS applications under ongoing failover conditions (e.
Emic Application Clustering offers us high-availability, performance scalability, load balancing and single-point manageability--services which are critical to our business success.
WASHINGTON -- High-Availability Bundles Ensure Business Continuity for Email
Using the annual SUPERCOMM Show as backdrop for the announcement, Kontron rolled out its AdvancedTCA platform complete with Kontron system chassis, high performance ATCA processing blades and high-availability base fabric switches.