High-pressure sodium lamp

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High-pressure sodium lamp

Among the most efficient sources of light; used primarily for exterior street lighting. The color rendition is similar to incandescent lamps.

high-pressure sodium lamp

A sodium-vapor lamp in which the partial pressure of the vapor during operation is about 0.1 atmosphere; produces a yellowish light having a wide spectrum, in contrast to the light produced at low pressures, which is characterized by sodium emission lines.
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Maintaining good color recognition from high-pressure sodium lamps, Bullough says, can be achieved by using at least 3 footcandles of illumination.
In vegetable leaves exposed to light generated by the solid-state illuminator, nitrate concentration was reduced by two to three times in comparison with those kept under high-pressure sodium lamps.
High-pressure sodium lamps have supplanted incandescent bulbs and use only 30 percent of the energy.
The columns are fitted with high-pressure sodium lamps which emit a golden white light rather than the orange light of typical low-pressure units.
Illumination is provided by metal halide, metal halide pulse-start or high-pressure sodium lamps in wattages between 600 and 1000.
Fixture heights range from 28" to 48" and are available in 35W to 100W metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps.
Metal halide lamps and fluorescent fixtures used in milking areas are energy efficient while the high-pressure sodium lamps are unsuitable due to poor color rendition.
Lighting manufacturers use an estimated 32 tons of mercury each year to produce fluorescent, mercury-vapor, metal-halide, and high-pressure sodium lamps.
The white light from the UrbanLED transforms areas that were previously a dark yellowish color from the high-pressure sodium lamps that they replace.
The lighting of the road and the sidewalk is proposed 19 units of gas-discharge lamps, fitted saving high-pressure sodium lamps.

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