Higher School

Higher School


an institution of higher learning which, on the basis of secondary (general or special) education, carries out the preparation of highly qualified specialists for practical, pedagogical, scientific, or scholarly activity in the various branches of industry, construction, transportation, communications, agriculture, health care, culture, science, and so forth.

The term “higher school” includes universities, polytechnical and branch institutions (of engineering, agriculture, economics, medicine, law, pedagogy, art, and others), academies, higher schools, schools, colleges, and other institutions.

According to the UNESCO definition, any institution of higher learning which prepares specialists on the basis of a complete secondary education, regardless of the volume of knowledge or level of qualification it gives its students, is considered a higher school. Therefore, in a number of countries, the term includes not only institutions of higher learning (of the type of Soviet institutions of higher learning or foreign universities) but institutions of learning that prepare cadres on the level of Soviet technicums and other institutions of special secondary education.

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The project is at the Higher School of Management in Varna, together with seven other institutions for science and education.
In the buildings it is planned to place the theatrical and educational complex of the Higher School of Music and Theatrical Art of the Maritime Theater Maritime Theater (with a concert hall and living quarters).
Ismailov graduated from the Karaganda Higher School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR in 1985.
It is jointly organized by the Higher School and "ASAN Kadr" Career Center under the Volunteers School of ASAN Service.
KOHAT -- A girl student going to higher school in Shakardarra was kidnapped on Monday allegedly to force her family to give her sister's hand to one of the kidnappers, said sources.
The agreement came from the framework of the 2nd International Conference for IT Applications in the Development of Renewable Energy Systems and Processes for Intelligent Cities, which was organised by University of Petra's ICT collage in cooperation with the National Research University Higher School of Economics of Moscow.
It is a partnership of several parties including the Higher School of Audiovisual and Film (Isac) in Gammarth and the Screen Institute Beirut "in Lebanon.
Based on the university registrar's records, 13 were admitted as college students while six were enrolled as senior high school students at the Higher School ng UMak.
Frangoulidis was born in Pano Zodia in 1902 and studied at the Higher School of Fine Arts in Athens from 1924 to 1930.
Consul Long told journalists that six voting centers were opened for French voters in Lebanon to cast their ballots, namely three in Beirut, at the French Embassy headquarters, French Lycee School, and the Higher School of Business.
By including the provision that child labor is acceptable "where the child helps his family or family enterprise," the bill legitimizes child labor for some of the most vulnerable and poor youths and could lead to irregular school attendance, lower levels of learning, and higher school dropout rates.
Students from Islamia English School Abu Dhabi, Pakistan Islamia Higher Secondary School Fujairah, Pakistan Islamia Higher School Sharjah and Pristine Private School Dubai participated in the competitions.

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