Highlander Folk School

Highlander Folk School:

see Highlander Research and Education CenterHighlander Research and Education Center,
New Market, Tenn.; founded as the Highlander Folk School in 1932 in Monteagle, Tenn., by Myles Horton (1905–90), who was influenced Denmark's folk high schools.
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The SNYC was active in forging ties with such groups as the Highlander Folk School, and in South Carolina in early 1946 they sponsored a Leadership Training Conference that provided instruction in public speaking, interacting with the press, and organizing.
The topics include deliberative democracy as a foundation for sustainable social change, defining nonviolence as a language and strategy, a Guatemalan women's textile cooperative, education for life at Danish folk schools and Highlander Folk School in Kentucky, redesigning water governance in sub-Saharan Africa, and social change through sustainable agriculture and sustainable consumers.
Beleaguered by the segregationist forces across the South, the Highlander Folk School buildings were shuttered on a cold winter day in December 1961, after various appeals on the liquor raid had been denied or lost.
She attended workshops at the Highlander Folk School in middle Tennessee, a project established by Miles Horton, a white progressive.
Parks was actually influenced by the philosophy and workshops of the Highlander Folk School in Monteagle, Tennessee.
In the tradition of the Southern Tenant Farmers' Union and the Highlander Folk School, and fueled by its founders' belief that Christian faith and the Social Gospel provided the potential for transforming the world, Koinonia Farm challenged the prevailing social and economic arrangements in Southern culture from its 440 acre farm near Americus, in Sumpter County, Georgia.