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(hĭl`ĕl), in the Bible, father of AbdonAbdon
, in the Bible. 1 Judge of Israel. 2 Officer under Josiah. He also appears as Achbor.
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fl. c.30 B.C.–A.D. 10, Jewish scholar, regarded as the forebear of the later patriarchs who led the Jews of Palestine until c.A.D. 400. The Jerusalem Talmud calls him the president of the Sanhedrin. He and ShammaiShammai
, c.50 B.C.–c.A.D. 30, Jewish sage known for his opposition to the liberal teachings of Hillel. He and his school interpreted the Law extremely rigorously, emphasizing deed rather than intent.
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 formed the most important of the rabbinic zuggot (oppositional pairs), with Hillel usually taking a more liberal stance in the interpretation of scripture. He was the great spiritual and ethical leader of his generation. His most famous maxim is "Do not unto others that which is hateful unto thee."


See biographies by N. N. Glatzer (1956) and A. H. Blumenthal (1973).


?60 bc--?9 ad, rabbi, born in Babylonia; president of the Sanhedrin. He was the first to formulate principles of biblical interpretation
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However, the underlying problem is broader: Hillel has constrained itself, through its impossibly overbroad "guidelines"--which prohibit Hillel from hosting or partnering with speakers who, among other things "delegitimize, demonize, or apply a double standard to Israel"--from engaging with the very community for which it exists.
Simon Hillel Center at Indiana University provides a welcoming, warm, vibrant Jewish community and a “home away from home” for over 4,000 Jewish students on IU's campus, the 13th largest Jewish population among college campuses.
These two positions will help Hillel build a far stronger global operation so we can engage Jewish students on as many campuses and in as many communities as possible," said Fingerhut.
The dilemma is best illustrated by Hillel Day School teacher Lori Rashty, who recently watched eighth-grade students help second-graders plant their freshly painted hands onto paper to make the turkey, then transform the four finger feathers into candles to incorporate a menorah.
It makes no difference letting a fox guard the chickens when a hyena is already let loose among them by your organisation, Hillel.
Hillel proved that plants grown in continuously moist soil, achieved through micro-irrigation, produced higher yields than plants grown under the old flooding or sprinkler irrigation methods.
El Arbi Hillel Soudani, who got the game's only goal late on in the first leg, started upfront with Islam Slimani, and the pair's pressing style caused Ali Salama and Waleed al Sbaa'ee problems all night; to their credit, the pair, who have played little club football over the previous 18 months or so, dealt admirably with Algeria's embarrassment of attacking riches.
The system Hillel developed, called micro-irrigation, carries water through narrow plastic pipes to plants, where it drips or trickles onto the roots in a continuous way.
The establishment of organized Jewish campus life over the course of the 20th century had a profound and existential impact on my life: my parents met on the steps of the Hillel building at the University of Pennsylvania.
Until recently, this region was planting cacao," explains Hillel, a Brazil native.
The contentiousness of two rival schools could only be resolved by a heavenly voice, which was said to declare: "These are the words of the living God -- but the Halakhah [Jewish Law] is according to the School of Hillel.
Hillel describes the courses of the rivers and their tributaries, the amount of water in the river system, the climate of the basin, the problem of salinization, and the various water projects of Turkey, Syria and Iraq.