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Maharaj,' whined Kim, using the Hindu form of address, and thoroughly enjoying the situation; 'my father is dead - my mother is dead - my stomach is empty.
But I remember now, he said he was of this world - a Hindu.
And there was that on Mahbub Ali which he did not wish to keep an hour longer than was necessary - a wad of closely folded tissue- paper, wrapped in oilskin - an impersonal, unaddressed statement, with five microscopic pin-holes in one corner, that most scandalously betrayed the five confederated Kings, the sympathetic Northern Power, a Hindu banker in Peshawur, a firm of gun-makers in Belgium, and an important, semi-independent Mohammedan ruler to the south.
At night his antelope skin was spread where the darkness overtook him--sometimes in a Sunnyasi monastery by the roadside; sometimes by a mud-pillar shrine of Kala Pir, where the Jogis, who are another misty division of holy men, would receive him as they do those who know what castes and divisions are worth; sometimes on the outskirts of a little Hindu village, where the children would steal up with the food their parents had prepared; and sometimes on the pitch of the bare grazing- grounds, where the flame of his stick fire waked the drowsy camels.
He could see the evening gatherings, held on the circle of the threshing- floors, because that was the only level ground; could see the wonderful unnamed green of the young rice, the indigo blues of the Indian corn, the dock-like patches of buckwheat, and, in its season, the red bloom of the amaranth, whose tiny seeds, being neither grain nor pulse, make a food that can be lawfully eaten by Hindus in time of fasts.
My kingdom is bounded only by the world, for I am not an Italian, or a Frenchman, or a Hindu, or an American, or a Spaniard -- I am a cosmopolite.
The members of Hindu community sprayed colors on each other.
BAHAWALPUR -- Hindu community residing in Bahawalpur and different villages of Cholistan celebrated Holi on Thursday to welcome Spring season.
Speaker of the National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq greeted Hindu Parliamentarians and the Hindu Community on the eve of Holi which will be celebrated on March 1.
ISLAMABAD:National Assembly (NA) SpeakerSardar Ayaz Sadiq on Wednesday greeted Hindu Parliamentarians and the Hindu Community for the occasion of Holi which will be celebrated from the eve of March 1 and end on the eve of March 2.
IF Hindu rashtra becomes inevitable, how should India's Muslims and Christians go about taking evasive action, and will they be the only ones that need to?
However, with the electoral rise of Hindu nationalism in India, and, consequently, the exhibition of a more assertive stance towards Pakistan, some new academic undertakings have started to occur.