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a genus of bulbaceous, herbaceous perennial plants of the Amaryllidaceae family. There are about 75 subtropical and tropical American species that are raised everywhere (frequently under the name “amaryllis”) as house plants and in hothouses. In the south they are raised on open soil. They are plants with long ribbon-like or belt-like leaves and large funnel-shaped or bell-shaped flowers of various colors set on high floral shoots. The ribbon Hippeastrum (H. vittatum) and the tall Hippeastrum (H. procerum) are among the species raised in the USSR.


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Investigacao do Potencial Antioxidante e anticolinesterasico de Hippeastrum (Amaryllidaceae).
Keywords: Hippeastrum vittatum; Amaryllidaceae; Cytotoxic activity; Alkaloids; Montanine; Vittatine
The USDA/ARS, Subtropical Horticulture Research Station (SHRS) located in Miami, FL, has a Hippeastrum hybridization program, and plants at the station have been subject to attack by this weevil.
The hippeastrum, often wrongly named, sometimes even by suppliers, as amaryllis, originates from South America and starts life each autumn as a dry bulb, often sold in a display box with compost and pot as a Christmas present idea and, if you are lucky, some instructions written in 10 different languages, one of which might be English if you look hard enough.
A clump of hippeastrum spreads indefatigably in Valley gardens, producing an arresting blare of trumpets that grows louder from one year to the next.
A host of varieties are available, from the sweetly scented 'paper white' to the golden 'tete-a-tete' but my favourite is 'silver chimes', a beautifully floriferous and fragrant plant with a real appetite for flowering Dan Pearson, author and presenter of A Year At Home Farm: "Of all the amaryllis, Hippeastrum papillio is my favourite.
Dry off Begonia, Hippeastrum, Gloxinia, Lily, Achimenes, Canna etc once flowering has finished.
Hippeastrum - or amaryllis - is another winter star.
There would be bowls of scented narcissi and hyacinths and huge trumpets of hippeastrum (amaryllis) to dazzle my eyes.
Hippeastrum (amaryllis) respond well to a warm room when putting on growth but once the flowers open the temperature should be lowered.
Plant up some hippeastrum bulbs for a delightful display of these exotic blooms.