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Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim
BirthplaceSangerville, Maine, USA

Maxim, Hiram Stevens


Born Feb. 5, 1840, in Sangerville, Me.; died Nov. 24, 1916, in Streatham, Great Britain. American designer and entrepreneur.

Maxim completed his elementary education and then worked as a master toolmaker at plants in Pittsburgh, Boston, and New York. In 1883 he developed his first automatic weapons: an automatic rifle, an automatic cannon, and a medium machine gun. In 1888, Maxim and T. Nordenfeldt, an English manufacturer, established a rapid-fire cannon plant in Germany. Maxim’s medium machine gun worked on the recoil principle; after refinements it was adopted by numerous armies and was in use up to World War II.


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After all, isn't that what Hiram Maxim called the device when he patented his?
Invented by another American, Hiram Maxim in London, this new weapon fired 10 rounds a second.
Invented by another American, Hiram Maxim in London, this was capable of firing 10 rounds a second.
Invented by American, Hiram Maxim in London, this new weapon was capable of firing 10 rounds a second.
Self–taught American inventor Hiram Maxim started work on developing the world's first fully automatic gun in London in 1881.
95) is for collections strong in weapons development, and tells of American inventor Hiram maxim, who perfected the world's first self-powered machine gun, the Maxim.
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