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One of the many strengths of the book is that it helps us to see the relationship between fields such as German Idealism and Romanticism, the incipient anthropology of Herder and Humboldt, and Savigny's historical school of law in a new light.
Theoretical guidelines of explanation are noticed in time and concentrated on the major current an schools of legal thought (natural law, the German historical school of law, positivism, Marxism), in addition to any such legal thinking and thinking have had over the old ages and all over the world, an effervescent dialectics.
Topics addressed include the contribution of London to English common law, the influence of 13th century legislation on mortmain alienation in Flanders on French and English law, tensions between localism and centralism in the tax administration of 19th century England and the United States, the influence of the will theory of contract in the 19th century, the creation of the default judgment in 19th century English procedural reforms, legal resistance to the English Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834 in the cities of Chester and Liverpool, public morality and copyright law in 19th century Britain, the relationship between legal education in England and the German historical school of law in the 19th century, and law and India at King's College London.

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