Historical Terms

Historical Terms


(Russian, istorizmy), words designating objects, things, or phenomena that do not exist today. The Russian words tiun (tax collector) and bortnichat’ (to gather the honey of wild bees), for example, have now disappeared from the language, although they occur as historical terms in descriptions of ancient Rus’.

Historical terms may be hundreds of years old, for example, smerd (peasant in ancient Russia), boyar, and bratina (a globe-shaped vessel for beverages used at communal feasts), or they may be only a few decades old, for instance, nepman, likbez (campaign against illiteracy), and prodnalog (tax in kind). Unlike archaisms, historical terms do not have semantic equivalents in the modern language. Historical terms are usually employed for stylistic effect in literary works on historical themes, for example, “the princes in shishaki (spiked helmets) rode about, while the kmety (peasant warriors) shod in bast sandals repulsed the foes in fierce fighting” (N. Aseev).


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In historical terms, our country used to be a country with people who aimed to better themselves, to be the best they could be, to have as their life goal to improve themselves, to make the best of every opportunity.
At the same time, it has to be kept in mind that the level of credit standards is still relatively tight in historical terms.
Netanyahu sees himself in world historical terms and admires Theodor Herzl and Winston Churchill -- two men who saw dangers ahead of other people.
The Roman Forum is such a case of a special frame for the study and comprehension in historical terms of such a process: in a cross-cultural perspective, there are rarely examples of urban spaces that constitute such a privileged observatory for the understanding of the continuously evolving identities of a civilization in the long historical term.
Teesside was hit particularly hard by the recession but, even so, such a low crowd for a Division One fixture is a timely reminder that Boro's current levels of support are, in historical terms, pretty good.
In the early chapters of Maimonides's Mishneh Torah God is described in the philosophical terms of essence and existence, not in personal or historical terms.
The Turkish president, for his part, pointed to status quo in the Iran-Turkey relations, and said, "Iran and Turkey are-old and close friends in humanitarian, cultural and historical terms.
In human terms, that is a slow, painful period; in historical terms, a 100 years is quite short a period in which to bring about a profound change in thinking and practice.
It is well suited for undergraduates and lay study groups; shaded boxes with skillful definitions of technical and historical terms appear on many pages.
In historical terms, this is not surprising, as our research into commodity super-cycles shows.
Don't forget the Poor Law was not repealed until 1930, which is the day before yesterday in historical terms.
Although criticised in parts for not being entirely accurate in historical terms, 300 boasts incredible fight and action scenes that leave the likes of Troy out in the cold.

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