Historic preservation

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Historic preservation

Encompasses a broad range of activities related to preservation and conservation of the built environment by physical and intellectual methods.

building preservation

The process of applying measures to maintain and sustain the existing materials, integrity, and form of a building, including its structure and building artifacts.
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We're working with a historical preservationist to try to overturn that decision.
Rosalind Sagara, a community activist and historical preservationist, reflects on the grassroots community movement to save the legacy of Riverside's Chinatown.
Toxey is a historical preservationist and architect.
Strickland was working in the Burbank Public Library when she found her calling as a historical preservationist.
HOLLYWOOD, July 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Historical preservationist and philanthropist Dollie Cole, renowned director and producer Walter E.
Pamplin is a businessman, philanthropist, farmer, minister, educator, historical preservationist and author of 14 books, including two Book-of-the-Month-Club selections.
9th District: incumbent Jan Perry; Sylvia Lynn Hawkins; building inspector Omar Cassim Spry; community activist Bella De Soto; talk-show host Sky Anderson; educator Edward ``Eddie'' Reyes; Los Angeles police Officer Peter Torres; children's social worker Annette Jeffries; and historical preservationist KCM Curry.
The 58-year-old historical preservationist chanced upon fragments of a circa 1780 block printed floor cloth when consulting with Kenmore Plantation in Fredericksburg, Va.
William Maple, a local historical preservationist, said he believed the Conservation Agency still could find ways to use the structure as a gateway to the equestrian center.
Historical preservationists have not responded favorably to the dismantling plan.
For design and manufacturing engineers, medical modelers, and historical preservationists, Studio 9's new features provide advanced automation through:
Scholarly dance anthropologists sat with modern presenters of commercial performances; historical preservationists tangled with high-tech digitizers; kinesiologists explained increased turnout and dancers turned out for floor barre; independent dance school teachers partnered with public K-12 teachers to find common advantages, and university programmers listened to what was needed to better equip dance teachers to teach dancing; and experts talked about censorship, Judson Dance Theater, Navajo healing, etcetera, etcetera.

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