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see Sanskrit literatureSanskrit literature,
literary works written in Sanskrit constituting the main body of the classical literature of India. Introduction

The literature is divided into two main periods—the Vedic (c.1500–c.200 B.C.
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It is essential, likewise, to establish how other fable-narrative traditions down the ages like those evolving with the Pancatantra and its recension the Hitopadesa contribute yet another important link to the history of the Indian narrative tradition, where niti (policy) evolves as the third important strand influencing the thought, content and style of narration.
Satyanarayana dasa, Hitopadesa (Faridabad, India: Jiva Institute, 1997), 20-21.
Sanskrit literature is not neglected, with Yohanan Grinshpon on the Hitopadesa and Maya Tevet Dayan on the Naisadh[i.
This collaboration resulted in the publication of Wilkins' pioneer Grammar of the Sanskrita Language (1808), and of an edition and a grammatical analysis of the Hitopadesa (1810, 1812) and a list of Terms of Sanskrit Grammar (1814) by Hamilton printed at the East India Library Press for the use of his students.