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It is difficult at the outset to imagine the Hittite Empire, a large, superficially autocratic Middle and Late Bronze Age empire as a primary early catalyst for representationalist principles.
Also particularly important is "The Battle of Nihriya and the End of the Hittite Empire," wherein Singer brings together material from Ugarit and Hattusa to reconstruct the perilous military situation faced by Hatti in Syria under Tudhaliya IV.
Sarah Stamper in a nomad's tent The bombed-out Hittite Gallery at Liverpool City Museum, May, 1941 Sarah Stamper, from the University of Liverpool, examines a black and white photograph of Professor John Garstang''s actual dig in Turkey, which forms part of the Lost World of The Hittite Empire, recreated at the Victoria Gallery and Museum Picture: JAMES MALONEY/ jm260511lostworld-4
The sphinx, dug up from the ancient city of Hattusha, the capital of the Hittite empire, in the early 20th century, was taken to Germany for restoration but now sits in a Berlin museum, much to Turkey's annoyance.
But one might as well worry today about the disappearance of Pharaonic Egypt, of the Mayas of Central America, or the Hittite empire.
It is also close to the site of the historic capital of the Hittite Empire, Hattusa.
In its heyday, the Hittite empire was one of the great powers of the ancient world, and it valued the ring of allies with which it surrounded itself.
A century later, the Hittite Empire collapsed with an invasion and the capital city of Hattusa was abandoned.
We might as well expect a resurgence of the Hittite Empire in our lifetimes.
PITTSBURGH--Confronting racism, probing social ills within African-American communities, and identifying black men's issues are the realm of Hittite Empire, a predominantly male, multidisciplinary performance-art collective based in Santa Monica, California.
Hatred of those in power was also the thrust of The Hittite Empire, a Los Angeles group that rivets attention on its performers' experience as African-American men fighting for life in America.
The festival's theatre agenda encompassed a melange of genres from the splashy Broadway musical The Wiz, featuring Stephanie Mills in a role she created almost 20 years ago; to the South African musical Sheila's Day, directed by Mbongeni Ngema; to a trio of staged readings by Laurie Carlos, Paul Carter Harrison and Glenda Dickerson; to performance art by more obscure but provocative artists such as the Hittite Empire of Los Angeles.