mts, Africa: see SaharaSahara
[Arab.,=desert], world's largest desert, c.3,500,000 sq mi (9,065,000 sq km), N Africa; the western part of a great arid zone that continues into SW Asia. Extending more than 3,000 mi (4,830 km), from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea, the Sahara is bounded on the N by
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Cette troisi[euro]uA me [euro]u[c]dition du raid des reines ne risque pas de d[euro]u[c]semplir de belles surprises et de la bonne ambiance puisque la c[euro]u[c]l[euro]uA bre chanteuse alg[euro]u[c]rienne install[euro]u[c]e en France en l'occurrence Samira Brahmia fait partie du groupe et ira, par route, jusqu'[euro]u la Capitale du Hoggar pour c[euro]u[c]l[euro]u[c]brer la f[euro]uo"te internationale des femmes avec les habitantes et travailleuses de la r[euro]u[c]gion.
The ratio of oxide to total iron is estimated to be higher for Bodele and Hoggar than for Mali sources (Formenti et al.
L'ancien systeme lacustre etait alimente par plusieurs petites rivieres prenant leurs sources dans les montagnes de l'Atlas et deux systemes fluviaux beaucoup plus importants qui ont leurs sources dans les montagnes du Hoggar du Sahara central.
One study evaluated the antimicrobial effect of methanolic extract of Algerian Hoggar Salvadora Persica (miswak) on some oral microorganisms isolated from dental plaque such as Streptococcus and Escherichia.
Et l'inscription du texte etranger se renverse dans le miroir de la souffrance, me proposant son double evanescent en lettres arabes, de droite a gauche redevidees; elles se delavent ensuite en dessins d'un Hoggar prehistorique .
2009): Repeated granitoid intrusions during the Neoproterozoic along the western boundary of the Saharan metacraton, Eastern Hoggar, Tuareg shield, Algeria: an AMS and U-Pb zircon age study.
The twin peaks of Tezouai in the Hoggar Mountains in the central Sahara are actually the cores of old volcanoes from which the surrounding rock has been stripped away Hidden in the nearby valleys are isolated oases that support rare Saharan species, including cypresses, gazelles and cheetahs
Vera Yamuni escribio numerosas obras filosoficas y prologo algunas obras literarias, como por ejemplo el prologo y las notas que escribio al libro Cantos de los Oasis del Hoggar, obra que versa sobre las tradiciones y costumbres de las poblaciones bereberes del Hoggar, lugar donde se ubicaron (76).
In the dramatic Unesco-listed Tassili N'Ajjer and Hoggar regions, near the town of Tamanrasset, tribal culture is very much alive, and the day-to-day hassle common to many Arab countries is conspicuously absent.
Cultivar Name Origin Cultivar Name Origin 1 Bousselem Algeria 6 Altar Mexico 2 Hoggar Algeria 7 Dukem Mexico 3 Oued Zenati Algeria 8 Kucuk Mexico 4 Polonicum Algeria 9 Mexicali Mexico 5 Waha Algeria 10 Sooty Mexico Table 2: Ranking of tested genotypes for the reflectance at Red, Green and Blue; Chlorophyll content and Average senescence.
Destaca-se que a autonomia da subsidiaria pode ser acompanhada como lancamento de dois modelos especificos e a necessidade de adaptacao ao mercado brasileiro e difusao na America Latina: (a) o Citroen C3 Aircross, envolvendo toda a equipe de engenharia e desgin e (b)o Peugeot Hoggar.
The Algerian properties are located in the Hoggar region approximately 2000km south of the capital Algiers.