mts, Africa: see SaharaSahara
[Arab.,=desert], world's largest desert, c.3,500,000 sq mi (9,065,000 sq km), N Africa; the western part of a great arid zone that continues into SW Asia. Extending more than 3,000 mi (4,830 km), from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea, the Sahara is bounded on the N by
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Aux portes de la ville, l'ermitage ou [beaucoup moins que] la khaloua [beaucoup plus grand que] du pere de Foucauld, edifie en 1901 par le personnage pour y vivre pendant quatre annees avant d'elire domicile a l'Assekrem, au cœur du Hoggar.
In the dramatic Unesco-listed Tassili N'Ajjer and Hoggar regions, near the town of Tamanrasset, tribal culture is very much alive, and the day-to-day hassle common to many Arab countries is conspicuously absent.
The Algerian properties are located in the Hoggar region approximately 2000km south of the capital Algiers.
The manufacturer is benefiting from a decision not to scrap or delay vehicle programs during the 2009 economic crisis, with new models such as the Citroen DS3 minicar and Peugeot Hoggar pickup helping the company defend pricing and bolster deliveries in emerging markets.
For Close (1995), on the other hand, pottery appeared in societies depending on aquatic resources and cereals, probably in a region spread between the Nile and the Hoggar Massif.
In the extreme south, Hoggar, a succession of high plateaus, dominated in the centre by the Tahat mount, at 3003m the highest summit of the country.
Tourism is mostly focused on adventurers, with programmes to climb in the breathtaking Tassili and Hoggar mountain ranges or to join rough 4WD excursions into spectacular desert destinations.
After the glamour it was time for something a little more unusual; Peugeot's version of the "push me pull you" better known as the Hoggar.
It was in the Hoggar and the Tibesti, among the Hadad, that he shot his first personal movie, Les Forgerons du desert (1952).
Tuning up Andrew Kisumba (left) with (from left), Paul Hoggar, Dan James and Carl Bavis A QUARTET of Huddersfield Christians was today performing at the ceremony to confirm Britain's first black Archbishop.
1, 1916, at 58, de Foucauld was shot dead in a skirmish among the Berbers of Hoggar.