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mountains, Africa: see SaharaSahara
[Arab.,=desert], world's largest desert, c.3,500,000 sq mi (9,065,000 sq km), N Africa; the western part of a great arid zone that continues into SW Asia. Extending more than 3,000 mi (4,830 km), from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea, the Sahara is bounded on the N by
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The twin peaks of Tezouai in the Hoggar Mountains in the central Sahara are actually the cores of old volcanoes from which the surrounding rock has been stripped away Hidden in the nearby valleys are isolated oases that support rare Saharan species, including cypresses, gazelles and cheetahs
The team also walked with nomadic herders through Niger, scaled the Hoggar Mountains of southern Algeria, investigated Libya and visited Tunisia, a country of significance to presenter Palin - he was crucified there during the filming of The Life of Brian.
Thus, in the Hoggar Mountains, where high relief means that the conditions form less of a constraint with regard to drought,
helichrysoides in the Hoggar Mountains through the greater thickness of the stem trichomes and in the bullate vegetative leaves.
Of interest also is the reported discovery, by the Entreprise Nationale de Recherche Miniere, of a 7 Mt gold deposit at Tirek in the eastern Hoggar mountains of southeastern Algeria.