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A pilot project, led by Dr Holm, was based in the Danish town of Holbaek and involved 1,900 obese children.
Most of the SAFV-positive samples reported in this study were obtained from a randomized trial in the pediatric department of University Hospital of Holbaek (Holbaek) on the effect of probiotic therapy on the incidence of infection during early childhood (M.
Design: Claus Jensen, Henrik Holbaek, Tools Design, Denmark
Most of the 11 papers were presented at a symposium on holomorphic dynamics held in Holbaek, Denmark during June 2003.
Then manager of FC Copenhagen, Hodgson had heard rave reviews about a flaxen-haired, energetic player who had been making waves for a little club called Holbaek and wanted to take a look, so he set up a trial.
Medical thermoform packaging provider Prent Corporation has broken ground on a new facility in Holbaek, Denmark, to meet worldwide customer demand.
Instead Hatton kept busy with low-key wins over the likes of Dennis Holbaek Pedersen, Carlos Vilches and Aldo Rios, which he admitted had failed to inspire him as he got on with the business in hand.
Hatton came out like a man intent on proving himself after two below-par displays this year against Dennis Holbaek Pedersen and Wilfredo Vilches.
Evidently Hatton was anxious to impress after two below-par performances this year against Wilfredo Vilches and Dennis Holbaek Pedersen.
And after below-par performances against Dennis Holbaek Pedersen and Wilfredo Vilches, he knows he cannot afford to take Stewart lightly as he nears the big prize.
A EVA Solo is a gorgeous, award-winning collection from Tools(brand name for the Danish design duo Henrik Holbaek and Claus Jensen).