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presteaming period

The period of time between the molding of a concrete product and the start of the temperature rise in the curing process.
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1231 property, L's and M's holding periods for their A Hardware interests begin March 1--the date of their contribution to the partnership.
It finds that investments with shorter holding periods exhibit diminishing correlation to their longer-term, long-only equivalents, demonstrating that holding period can be a viable source of portfolio diversification.
The possibility of changing some of the current assets holding to another more profitable one, as a way to make more cash available to invest was a new idea which had enormous impact on the holding periods of equities.
The specific method used affects basis, gains or losses, and holding periods.
The longer holding periods permitted in the final rule allow some flexibility for FHCs to adjust their investment exit strategies to account for fluctuations in market conditions.
But if you consider 30-year or 40-year holding periods, in most cases stocks won't under-return bonds.
When an employee uses stock previously acquired to exercise an ISO, the shares transferred by the employee to the issuer of the option are deemed to have been exchanged for an equal number of shares from the ISO issuer, in an exchange with respect to which L income or gain is recognized if the holding periods applicable in the ISO context are met.
Specifically, it is shown that investors need to construct and evaluate their portfolios in a manner consistent with their expected holding periods.
As a lending strategy then, if shorter holding periods are anticipated, lenders would not want to write CARMs priced with these quoted terms under these market conditions.
The study Investor Behavior and Its Impact on Long-Term Investment Success, conducted by Financial Research Corporation (FRC), indicates that mutual fund investors experienced 20% lower returns on average during three-year holding periods throughout the last decade.
The major development introduced by the Housing Act is the segregation of the time a residence is held by a taxpayer into qualified and nonqualified holding periods.
172--What are the holding periods permitted for merchant banking investments?