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presteaming period

The period of time between the molding of a concrete product and the start of the temperature rise in the curing process.
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Private equity investments are traditionally long-term investments with typical holding periods ranging between three and five years," Christopher Elvin, Preqin's head of private equity products, said in a statement.
Prior to July 1 2010 the capital gain on disposal of securities was fully exempt from tax and after extensive deliberations between the government and the capital market stakeholders it was agreed that holding periods would be bifurcated into three tires.
1231 property, L's and M's holding periods for their A Hardware interests begin March 1--the date of their contribution to the partnership.
Sample return distributions are generated for holding periods ranging from 1 to 25 years.
The specific method used affects basis, gains or losses, and holding periods.
The third section examines various holding periods in detail.
3) Other reportable transactions include confidential transactions, (4) transactions affording taxpayers contractual protection, (5) loss transactions, (6) transactions with significant book-tax differences, (7) and transactions involving assets with brief holding periods.
We find that the positive market reaction was lower for dividend-paying securities and securities with longer expected holding periods.
The longer holding periods permitted in the final rule allow some flexibility for FHCs to adjust their investment exit strategies to account for fluctuations in market conditions.
Generally, a holding period will be divided if a partner acquired portions of an interest at different times or if an interest is acquired in a single transaction that would give rise to different holding periods under IRC section 1223.
But if you consider 30-year or 40-year holding periods, in most cases stocks won't under-return bonds.