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In telegraph practice, a device for punching code signals in paper tape for application to a tape transmitter.



a prehistoric tool in the form of a pointed stick made of wood or bone. The upper portion is either thickened or shaped into a figure and sometimes has an opening for hanging. During the Stone Age, the perforator was used to make holes for sewing skins; later, it was also used to decorate clay vessels. As the use of iron spread, bone and wood perforators were replaced by the metal awl.

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Hole punch (for teacher use only with younger grades)
Somehow, despite constantly mislaying my mobile phone, keys, jacket and just about everything I need on a daily basis, I've managed to keep hold of the blue hole punch.
With the fluctuations in census and movement of actual units, not all units obtained their hole punch during the first week.
If you want yarn hair or beards, wait for paint to dry, then use the hole punch to make openings around the plate rim.
Make a single hole punch in opposite sides of the oval.
Incredibly compact, this office companion comprises 10 tools including stapler, scissors, tape measure, screwdriver, hole punch, pen and laser "pointer".
The researchers also mimicked a bad case of fungus by attacking leaves with a hole punch.
Here's how: You will need: A rectangular piece of paper Pencil Ruler Hole punch Drinking straw Ball of string/ wool Method: Fold a rectangular piece of fairly thin paper in half so that the two shorter sides meet.
You will need: 1x piece of thin card, felt-tipped pens, 2x elastic bands, a hole punch.
CLASSIC hole punch in shiny chrome-effect from WHSmith.
Tenders are invited for Sugar (20oz), Equal (100 Packs), Envelope (9x12, 28#), Dry Erase Markers (set of 4), 12 inch Double Edge Ruler, 2 Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet, 2 hole Punch, 1.