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see JayapuraJayapura
or Djajapura
, formerly Sukarnapura
, town, capital of Papua (Indonesian New Guinea), Indonesia. A regional trade center and seaport, it is on Yos Sudarso Bay (formerly Humboldt Bay; an inlet of the Pacific) near the border with Papua New Guinea.
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, Indonesia.
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Inalfa Hollandia is making a positive impact on this state's employment outlook by creating good jobs for Michigan residents.
In 1887, the Rothschilds decided to settle into an even more impressive villa (Villa Maria Theresa) and, at the beginning of the XXth century, Villa Hollandia was repeatedly sold to different owners which fortunately decided to leave it almost untouched, to remind us of its former glory.
Workers were initially told they would be transferred to replacement contractor Hollandia under the blue book system which would guarantee the same terms and conditions workers had before they were transferred.
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52) Pointing out that Holland "may write Annales, and Comentaries to teach Rome, Venice, Florence, and the Turks Seralia," (53) Howard suggests that "Britannica Hollandia had Englished the trade [and] indicates the perverse national price she embodies.
He was in the first group of troops that attacked Tanah Merah Bay, Dutch New Guinea, and he personally directed the front line units that seized Hollandia.