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see motion picturesmotion pictures,
movie-making as an art and an industry, including its production techniques, its creative artists, and the distribution and exhibition of its products (see also motion picture photography; Motion Picture Cameras under camera).
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a series of sequential photographic images, or frames, associated with a single subject and intended for reproduction on a screen.

In modern cinematography, the following classifications of films are used: feature motion pictures, television films, animated cartoons, newsreel and documentary films, scientific films, educational films, and amateur films. Other classifications correspond to thematic content (historical and adventure films and comedies), cinematographic and projection techniques (silent, sound, black-and-white, color, wide-screen, large-format, panoramic, stereoscopic, and multiscreen films), and projection duration (full-length and short films). Special-purpose films include microfilms, test films, advertising films, and souvenir films.

Most films are produced at specialized motion-picture studios by groups of artistic workers and technical specialists, who use a variety of cinematographic equipment while filming on the studio sets and on location. Films for scientific, technical, and educational purposes are often produced in the motion-picture laboratories of research institutes and educational institutions. Amateur films are usually made in amateur motion-picture studios at clubs, educational institutions, and enterprises, as well as by individual amateurs.


What does it mean when you dream about a film?

One way of examining parts of ourselves we do not wish to look at is to dream that we are seeing them portrayed in a film. Alternatively, it can mean escaping reality.


A thin, membranous skin, such as a pellicle.
The layer adjacent to the valve metal in an electrochemical valve, in which is located the high voltage drop when current flows in the direction of high impedance.
(graphic arts)
Plastic material, such as cellulose acetate or cellulose nitrate, coated with a light-sensitive emulsion, used to make negatives or transparencies in radiography or photography.
A flat section of material that is extremely thin in comparison to its other dimensions and has a nominal maximum thickness of 250 micrometers and a lower limit of thickness of about 25 micrometers. Also known as self-supported film.
A pathological opacity, as of the cornea.
Oxide coating on a metal.


A layer of one or more coats of paint or varnish covering an object or surface.


a. a sequence of images of moving objects photographed by a camera and providing the optical illusion of continuous movement when projected onto a screen
b. a form of entertainment, information, etc., composed of such a sequence of images and shown in a cinema, etc.
c. (as modifier): film techniques
2. a thin flexible strip of cellulose coated with a photographic emulsion, used to make negatives and transparencies
3. Pathol an abnormally opaque tissue, such as the cornea in some eye diseases
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For example, studies have found a correlation between Hollywood movie viewing and perceptions of Americans as materialistic, romantic, promiscuous (sexually immoral), aggressive, and wasteful (DeFluer & Defluer, 2003; Maykovich, 1972; Willnat, Zhou, & Hao, 1997), indicating Hollywood movies' effect on perception of people.
Because MoviePass will be paying theaters the full price of admission using the Hollywood Movie Money system, the theater industry benefits as well as the fans," said Ron Randolph-Wall, CEO of Quantum Rewards, operators of Hollywood Movie Money.
For nearly three decades, Quantum has connected top brands with blockbuster movies through creative Hollywood Movie Money promotions and customer loyalty programs, centered on the moviegoing experience.
A Hollywood movie executive has revealed that remaking the favourites would ensure a big audience without them having to spend a huge amount on production.
Papalia spent a further 10 years in jail after a conviction for his role in "the French connection" -- the international smuggling ring which brought heroin through a French port and into Canada and which was depicted in a Hollywood movie of the same name.
To give you a taste of the ``plot'': A somewhat faded actress named Nikki Grace (a fantastic Laura Dern) gets cast in a big Hollywood movie, only to learn that it is actually a remake of a film that was never completed because both its leads were murdered.
In a reference to another current Hollywood movie, released under the rubric "The children of America need heroes" and concerning the abrasive rascality of an unpleasant, win-at-all-costs Georgia baseball player, former Clinton aide turned telephone-industry lobbyist Roy Neel warned that our "national politics [was] now a sport played by the Ty Cobbs, not the Forrest Gumps.
Last week's Hollywood movie involving a carjacked child, ``Freedomland,'' was a melodramatic mess that fumbled every psychological, racial and class observation it clumsily tried to make.
Other Festival events included the Hollywood Film Conference at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the Hollywood Humanitarian Symposium, and the Hollywood Film Screenings, where the finalists of the Hollywood Discovery Awards were screened, in addition to last night's Hollywood Movie Awards Gala Ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
This is not just some regular bullshit Hollywood movie.
With the increasing number of Hollywood movie titles released in next-generation disc formats, CyberLink PowerDVD is the software enabler for Blu-ray and HD DVD movie playback on PCs and notebooks.
CURIOUS GEORGE'' is that rare Hollywood movie that absolutely nails the spirit of its source material, presenting the simian hero of Margret and H.

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