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New Zealand's outstanding diplomatic mandarin's 23-year tutelage of this quartet can be portrayed by Peter Fraser's high summer; Sid Holland's Cold War winter; Walter Nash's new spring; and, lastly, the autumnal glow, for McIntosh, of the Keith Holyoake years.
It was initially thought the woman had been raped in a rear alley between Holyoake Street and Neale Street, however police now believe the attack happened in a nearby address.
Javed Chaudhary, 30, of Holyoake Avenue in Batley, and Mohammed Hussain, 40, of Wellington Walk in Dewsbury, were before Kirklees Magistrates' Court.
A theatre group at Mount Holyoake College said they wouldn't be performing The Vagina Monologues anymore because the play excludes women without vaginas.
Barry came to Advantage Publishing after a long career in advertising --8' O'clock Sports, New Zealand Readers Digest and NZ Rugby News were three of the titles he worked on--and he recalls once being invited, along with some colleagues, to drinks in Bellamy's by the Prime Minister of the day, Keith Holyoake.
Tracey Holyoake, chairwoman of Pill Millennium Centre, expressed her delight that the camp will not be on the Pill playing elds.
George Jacob Holyoake (1817-1906), British writer who later coined the term 'secularism' in his writings.
Drug peddler Vincent Holyoake, jailed for 17 years in 2004, moaned that his pounds 9.
Security technologist Tim Holyoake from Software AG said: "The consequences of losing confidential data on insecure physical devices can be catastrophic for the victims.
However, Mark Holyoake the founder and chief executive of British Seafood, has categorically denied any wrong doing and is certain to strongly contest the allegations if the SFO investigation goes further.
However, a spokesman for British Seafood founder Mark Holyoake said "there has been no mention or discussion of the need to involve the SFO".