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Holyoake Cottages dates back more than two centuries.
Il London Garibaldi Fund Committee fu presieduto dal segretario George Jacob Holyoake, eloquente redattore di giornali e rinomato garante e sponsor di attivita patriottiche per esiliati combattenti per la liberta repubblicana come Giuseppe Mazzini e Kossuth Lajos.
Drug peddler Vincent Holyoake, jailed for 17 years in 2004, moaned that his pounds 9.
Some of the characters he cast in his verse dramatisations of political issues became well known: Harry Fat is Denis Glover's young Harry turned into a bourgeois capitalist; Mr Mouldybroke, who was Prime Minister Keith Holyoake, was sometimes just called by Baxter Holyoake, whom Baxter reviled for getting New Zealand into the Vietnam war; and a variety of deadshit sages of whom the alcoholic Concrete Grady is the best known; he's a Kiwi Tam o' Shanter.
The research has been carried out by scientists led by Professor Tessa Holyoake from the Paul O'Gorman Leukaemia Research Centre at the University of Glasgow, world leaders in research into chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML).
3) Exemplified, perhaps, by Seddon, Savage and Holyoake, respectively.
Security technologist Tim Holyoake from Software AG said: "The consequences of losing confidential data on insecure physical devices can be catastrophic for the victims.
However, a spokesman for British Seafood founder Mark Holyoake said "there has been no mention or discussion of the need to involve the SFO".
Police have charged Murat Karabeyaz, 24, of Burford Road, near Catford, Michael Liddell, 19, of Holyoake Walk, Ealing, Param-Jit Theara, 24, of Ross Way, Greenwich, and Jagtar Johal, 36, of Blyth Road, Bromley.
Holyoake had been directed to observe the tableaux vivants particularly and so took a five-shilling orchestra stall.