see HumayunHumayun
or Homayun
, 1507–56, second Mughal emperor of India (1530–56), son and successor of Babur. In 1535, pressed by enemy incursions into Rajasthan, Humayun defeated the formidable Bahadur Shah of Gujarat.
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Waltz should notify their LD Micro Conference contact or AJ Homayun with Investor Relations Partners at ahomayun@irpartnersinc.
He remained the coach of the national team until the end of 2002, when he was replaced by Homayun Shahrokhi.
Authorities distributed food and water to survivors, said Abdullah Homayun Dehqan, the head of Badakhshan province's National Disaster Department.
It is very difficult for people to take dead bodies out," Sayed Abdullah Homayun Dehqan, provincial director of the Afghan National Disaster Management Authority, said at the site.
The landslide was likely caused by heavy rain, said Abdullah Homayun Dehqan, the province's director for National Disaster Department.
The landslide has affected around 1,000 families," Sayed Abdullah Homayun Dehqan, provincial director of the Afghan National Disaster Management Authority, said.
The live music show, featuring Homayun Sakhi and Seair Hashmi with the accompaniment of a two-member orchestra, one of them playing tabla, went down well with the audience.
In another incident, six Taliban insurgents were killed during a clash with security men in the Shash Qala area of Charkh district in central Logar province, said district chief Farooq Homayun.
Homayun Naruzad, 34, who lived in an apartment near Manchester above his workplace, a food takeout shop known as Family Guy Takeaway, lured the girls to the back of the shop and into his apartment by offering free food and money.
Summary: KABUL: Hero cop Homayun is a star taking Afghanistan by storm.
Meanwhile, a captivating duet of Kirwani Dhun by noted Indian santoor player Rahul Sharma, son of famous santoor virtuoso Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma and noted Afghan rabab player Homayun Sakhi drew tremendous applause from the august gathering.
It consists of a rubab (Afghani lute), tabla (hand drums), vocals and doyra (drum), played by Afghanis Homayun Sakhi, Humayun Khan, Uzbek Abbos Kosimov and Mr Nader.