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(HOME Phoneline Networking Alliance) A phoneline network that is designed to run Ethernet over existing telephone lines and use RJ-11 wall jacks as connecting points. Computers connect to the wall jacks with HomePNA (HPNA) adapters via USB, PC Card or internal PCI card. Network devices plug into an HPNA-Ethernet bridge unless they already have a HomePNA port built in.

HomePNA allows devices to be up to 1,000 feet apart and supports a household area of up to 10,000 square feet. Version 3.0, introduced in 2003, offers quality of service (QoS) for audio and video streaming. For more information, visit the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance at www.homepna.org. Following are HPNA versions and speeds. See also HomePlug.

              YearVersion       Intro.  Speed

   HomePNA 1.0   1998      1 Mbps

   HomePNA 2.0   1999     10 Mbps

   HomePNA 3.0   2003    128 Mbps + QoS
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In addition the kit supports home PNA and CODEC audio as well as telephony interfaces.
PacketDrive combines an always-on IP port, multiple carrier-grade quality voice lines and home PNA capabilities and can be deployed as an alternative to a traditional wired network or as an extension to a carrier's existing DSL rollout.
The Home PNA networking option allows the modem to be plugged into any R J-11 phone jack in a residence to distribute data to any PNA-enabled PC in the home.
Home PNA, a non-profit association of more than 100 technology companies working together to ensure adoption of a phone line networking standard to provide high-speed, affordable home networking, will collocate its Home PNA Summit with the FTTH Conference & Expo.
City Network has also gained recognition as a leader in Home PNA and wireless systems and is focused on occupying a prominent position in the GPS worldwide market.
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The STB2000 home networking feature can support mainstream products, such as Home PNA 3.
Currently, City Network Home PNA and xDSL broadband access equipment is deployed by major telecommunication carriers, ISPs, and System Integrators worldwide.
ZyXEL's PL-100 and PEC-200 offer a solution to wireless home networking through the proven HomePlug and Home PNA standards.
City Network currently maintains product packages in three core areas: Home PNA, VDSL and Wireless.
FastAccess HomeNetworking uses Home PNA (Phone Networking Adapter) technology, which enables the computers to be connected to the network via a home's standard telephone jacks, as well as to existing Ethernet cabling.
The companion south bridge, SiS961 chip integrates various multimedia functions, such as an onboard audio subsystem with CMI 8736 6-channel audio chip and gold-plated coaxial and optical SPDIF outputs,10/100 MB Ethernet controller, Home PNA 2.