wireless LAN

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wireless LAN

(wireless Local Area Network) A communications network that provides connectivity to wireless devices within a limited geographic area. "Wi-Fi" is the universal standard for connecting laptops and mobile devices in a home or office. It is commonly deployed alongside of Ethernet, and both wireless and wired devices can exchange data with each other for backup and file sharing. At home, Wi-Fi can also serve as the only network since all laptops and many printers come with Wi-Fi built in, and Wi-Fi can be added to desktop computers via USB. See Ethernet.

Wi-Fi is achieved with a wireless base station, called an "access point." Its antennas transmit and receive a radio frequency within a range of 30 to 150 feet through walls and other non-metal barriers. For details of the Wi-Fi standards, see 802.11. See Wi-Fi hotspot, cellular hotspot, wireless router, LAN switch, wireless broadband and WPAN.

Wi-Fi in a Company
In a big company, access points, switches and routers are stand-alone devices. In addition, industrial strength commercial products can cost 10 times as much as devices from the shopping mall.

Wi-Fi in the Home
For the home and small office, a wireless router combines three network devices in one box. For more details, see wireless router.
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Australian Optus Wholesale has added home wireless broadband to its product portfolio for MVNOs using the Optus 4G network.
Harman Kardon's Invoke is similar to Amazon's Alexa-enabled Echo and Google Home wireless speaker and will use Cortana to respond to user queries.
Plume is betting that the challenge of running a home wireless network good enough for ultra-high-definition television, video games, and the Internet of things means consumers are ready to pay extra for high-quality managed Wi-Fi.
The app automatically tests the connection between the device you are using (smartphone or tablet) and your home wireless router.
Well do it for them with the help of this smart bulb, which connects up to your home wireless bulb, which connects up to your home wireless network and can be controlled via the network and can be controlled via the downloaded app on either an iOS or downloaded app on either an iOS or Android device.
NetZero Mobile and Home Wireless Broadband products and services are now available in up to 1,500 wireless retail locations in Texas, California and Florida.
This year, Evatran will start selling a $2,500 home wireless kit for the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt.
With the proliferation of connected devices in the home, consumers today increasingly rely on the strength and stability of their home wireless network," said Ali Ahmar, regional director, ME - CBU, Netgear.
The Polar Wireless SIM activates when subscribers leave their home wireless network.
The Logitech Harmony Link connects to a consumer's existing home wireless network to receive Wi-Fi signals from the Harmony Link App and turns them into IR commands that home-entertainment devices can understand.
According to Cisco, with Internet video consumption exploding and sales of wireless-enabled products such as smart phones, tablets and game consoles steadily growing, consumers are seeking greater performance, reliability and simplicity from their home wireless networks.
But, the researchers said that the owners of household robots can do some simple things to significantly increase their security, such as turning on encryption for a home wireless network, and disabling Internet access to the robot's controls.