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(HOME Phoneline Networking Alliance) A phoneline network that is designed to run Ethernet over existing telephone lines and use RJ-11 wall jacks as connecting points. Computers connect to the wall jacks with HomePNA (HPNA) adapters via USB, PC Card or internal PCI card. Network devices plug into an HPNA-Ethernet bridge unless they already have a HomePNA port built in.

HomePNA allows devices to be up to 1,000 feet apart and supports a household area of up to 10,000 square feet. Version 3.0, introduced in 2003, offers quality of service (QoS) for audio and video streaming. For more information, visit the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance at www.homepna.org. Following are HPNA versions and speeds. See also HomePlug.

              YearVersion       Intro.  Speed

   HomePNA 1.0   1998      1 Mbps

   HomePNA 2.0   1999     10 Mbps

   HomePNA 3.0   2003    128 Mbps + QoS
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The HomePNA Alliance today announces its first Technology Summit to be held September 30 and October 1, 2009 in Houston, Texas.
Demand for HomePNA technology is booming because it reduces installation costs and time dramatically for IPTV solutions," said Actiontec vice president of business development, Brian Henrichs.
Codetel tested the CopperGate technology and determined that the quality was superior and deploying with HomePNA 3.
HomePNA is the ITU-T home networking Recommendation G.
Multi-wire operation is a strategic advantage worldwide and HomePNA 3.
With four of the five largest North American Telcos that offer IPTV using HomePNA to provide the service, FTTH provides a great opportunity for service providers to see a live demonstration of HomePNA being used to distribute actual high-speed commercial IPTV service, delivered to the home over FTTH, to set-top boxes over existing coaxial cables," noted Richard Nesin, HomePNA president.
The addition of TELUS means that of the largest telcos in North America, 4 out of the top 5 that offer TelcoTV now support HomePNA 3.
We are very pleased with the performance and features offered by CopperGate's HomePNA 3.
K-micro has been proactively involved in the home networking market and an active member of HomePNA for years", said Joseph Choghi, director of marketing for K-micro.
In terms of chipsets/nodes over coax and phone wiring, our recently released report on home networking shows HomePNA grew at the highest rate in 2007, and that is expected to continue through 2008," said Joyce Putscher, principal analyst at market research firm In-Stat.
HomePNA is being deployed by dozens of telephone companies worldwide including AT&T, Aliant in Canada, and Sonaecom in Portugal.
The same diagnostic tools can be accessed using TR-069 providing service providers with the means to remotely monitor home network performance parameters such as SNR, PER and data rate between every HomePNA device from their operations center.